Wilbur Cross Boys Cross Country Runs to Wickham Title

Coach Gale reports from the Wickham Invitational where the Boys Cross Country Team ran to the Title in the Unseeded race led by Musa Hussain's 7th place finish overall. 
What a week!  No meets until yesterday, a lot of hard work done by our student-athletes and boy did some of that work pay off at the Wickham Park Invitational!  As in our varsity boys won the unSeeded varsity race, (that means our record from the previous year was below 50% wins, which it was) and there were 50 teams that competed and yup, the boys pulled it off!  They got 1st place!!!
Musa Hussain
Travis Martin
Nas Betancourt
Elliot Faulkner
Henry Hall
Mike Tramantano
Masahito Nishimura
All placed in the top 74, 2 guys in the top 50 and 3 guys in the top 25!  AMAZING JOB BY THEM!!!
We also had Elexis Eden and Grace Adolphe go home with some hardware as well, top 50th for Elexis and top 25 for Grace!!
We still have work to be done and their were a lot of PR's by a lot of athletes as well, shout out to the parents that came to the park to watch, it was a little warm, but an overall great day!  
Thanks Coach Gale and congratulations to our students athletes on a job well done.