Ross Woodward Energy Star Certified

Ross-Woodward School gets Energy Star Certification


NEW HAVEN, CT (April 26, 2017) – The New Haven Board of Education is pleased to announce the ENERGY STAR certification of its latest school, Ross Woodward Interdistrict Magnet School, located at 185 Barnes Avenue.  Schools performing in the top quartile of like-buildings are eligible to receive ENERGY STAR certification.  Ross Woodward is thrilled to join the 6 other schools in the district on this prestigious list. 
Ross Woodward has undergone a complete conversion from inefficient fluorescent lighting to high quality and efficient LED lighting.  This conversion began in 2014 with the replacement of 56 parking lot lights and was completed in 2016 with the conversion of all interior lighting to LED’s.
Chief Operating Officer William F. Clark has worked closely with AFB Management to establish short and long-term plans and programs designed to extend the useful life of our school buildings.  The Operations Stewardship & Efficiency Plan promotes district-wide stewardship of facilities while reducing energy consumption and maintaining a healthy and productive educational environment.  The Equipment Lifecycle Replacement Plan focuses on the installation of energy efficient equipment in conjunction with preventative maintenance to seek cost effectiveness and environmentally friendly systems throughout the District. 
Since 2008, these plans and programs have resulted in $28M of avoided energy cost.  This has been achieved through the completion, maintenance and expansion of energy projects such as fuel cells, solar installations, co-generation, energy management, smart energy purchasing and energy-conscious construction and district-wide LED lighting projects such as the one at Ross Woodward.  For the efforts the District has been honored by UI and the State Department of Environmental Protection.


Mr. Clark summarized the efforts as follows: “We apply a team effort to these projects.  By crunching the data, monitoring the market and leveraging cost effective and sustainable solutions with our partners we have been able to strategically add square footage while decreasing energy output and maximizing cost avoidance.  We remain focused on providing safe and healthy learning environments for our students and staff.  With the leadership of Dr. Mayo  and the support of the Board of Education, Board of Aldermen, State Delegation, the City of New Haven and our partners we seek to continue these efforts of stewardship and targeted life-cycle replacement and grow our portfolio of Energy Star rated buildings across the District.”


 2016 ENERGY STAR Certified Schools:

  1. Conte
  2. Wexler Grant
  3. High School in the Community
  4. Nathan Hale
  5. Betsy Ross
  6. Truman

 2017 ENERGY STAR Certified Schools:

  1. Ross Woodward
  1. Edgewood (certification in progress)
  1. Clinton Ave  (certification in progress)