NHPS Students Ace State Science Fair

Congratulations! To New Haven Public School Students who received awards at the statewide Connecticut Science Fair held this past week at Quinnipiac University: (www.ctsciencefair.org)
Among the awardees were:
Maya Geradi Grade 11 Wilbur Cross High School
A study of circadian genetics and abiotic stress towards sustainable agriculture  
3rd Place Senior High Life Sceince Award
1st Place Urban Challenge High School
Silver Medal of Excellence, CT Academy of Science/Engineering
UNH High School Microbiology Award
CT Nursery Award
Sophie Edelstein Grade 10 Wilbur Cross High School
Formulation of Gelatin-Hyaluronic Acid Blend Cross-Linked Gels for Potential Tissue Applications: Cost-Effective, Patient Specific, Alternative Treatment of Labral Tears of the Hip
2nd Place Senior High Life Science
4th Place Urban Challenge High School
1st Place  Excellence in Engineering Senior High
2nd Place Biotechnology Senior High
Otero Family Award, Lunch with Patent Attorney, UNH Award for Project in Engineering
Lauren Low Grade 12 ESUMS
A Novel Rapid Diagnostic Test for Zika Virus NS1 Protein using Nanoribbon Microfluidics  
4th Place Senior High Physical Science
Finalist Urban Challenge High School
1st Place Applied Technology High School
2nd Place Excellence in Engineering High School
IEEE Honorable Mention
Mensing Award for excellence in Physical Science

Quinnipiac University $20000 Scholarship

Sumanth Kondapalli and Tirth Ptel Grade 10,11 ESUMS
A Novel Approach Using Biochar in Sand Reactors to Accelerate Biodegradation of Naphthenic Acids in the Process of Bitumen Extraction via Oil Sands  
2nd Place Life Science High School Team
Finalist Urban Challenge High School

Finalist CACIWC Environmental Sciences Awards

Prastik Mohannraj Grade 10 ESUMS
Novel Study on the Membrane Interactions of Bovine Alpha-Lactalbumin and Oleic Acid Complex on Tumor Cells to Induce Lysosomal Cell Apoptosis  

5th Place Urban Challenge High School

Arya Bairat Grade 9 ESUMS
Developing a Novel Energy Harvesting Device using Paint-on Fabrication Techniques with Mosz and use of Discardable Materials
Finalist High School Sustainibility award
Certificate Sustainability Solutions

IEEE Senior Honors Award

Eva Heaphy Grade 8 ESUMS
How do Different Types of Street Lights Impact Our Environment and What is the Safest Way to Illuminate Our Streets?  
Environmental Energy Award Urban Public School
Finalist Applied Technology Award Middle School
Finalist Environmental Sciences Award Middle School

Certificate Office of Naval Research Award

Rachna Vipparia Grade 8 ESUMS
The affect of Roundup on GMO plants versus wild grown plants  

4th Place Life Science 8th Grade

Ameilia Cox, Sage Urban Grade 7 Worthington Hooker
Seaweed and Tsunamis
3rd Place Life Science Middle School Team
National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration Certificate

Augustine Award for Excellence in Biology

Alena Gutierrez               Grade 7 Worthington Hooker
Earth, Water, Flora: Reducing Soil Erosion
Finalist Life Sciences 7th Grade
Maya Geradi, Sophie Edelstein and Arya Bairat will continue on with their respective projects to compete for National awards.
Congratulations to all of the students and teachers for a job well done.
Maya and Sophie are featured in the attached photo along with Bob Winser from United Technologies who was a key sponsor of the Fair.
Additional Media release from the Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF) can be found here.