More History Day Accomplishments

On March 4, 2017, New Light High School student Tyriq Banks participated in the annual CT Regional History Day Competition at SCSU with his entry about Morse Code.  Tyriq and his Social Studies teacher Mr. Todney Harris worked hard these last 5 months to put together the project; research at the Yale Library, hours reading, setting up the display (with a little artistic direction from Mr. Mike Pavano) and finally practicing giving his oral presentation. 


On Saturday morning, Tyriq and Mr. Harris set off for SCSU and set up his board amongst other great displays of historical knowledge.  Tryiq represented New Light and himself extremely well and answered all of the judges questions with great knowledge and confidence.  I have attached two photos of Tyriq at his board and presenting to the judges. 


Please congratulate Tryiq for his great efforts and this wonderful milestone as the first student in New Light history to participate in a Regional History Day Competition!


Thank you to Mr. Harris for supporting Tyriq throughout the entire process and a thank you to Mr. Pavano for the day of photos!