NHPS Students Score at History Day Competition


New Haven Public Schools students qualified to compete on the state level after earning top honors at New Haven District History Day on Saturday, March 4, 2017.  History Day is an annual program which provides a unique opportunity for students to explore selected topics and develop high level history projects to be presented and shared with the public.

Students from several schools throughout the district, with guidance and support from dedicated classroom teachers, participated in one of several regional History Day competitions throughout the state.   Twenty-nine (29) NHPS students were judged best in the regional contest advancing to the statewide competition to be held at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain this Saturday, April 29, 2017.  


The judges during the March 4th competition, who included high school teachers, librarians, other public historians, and university professors, selected the winners from over 200 projects and presentations shared. For the third year in a row, ESUMS high school student Prastik Mohanraj won first place in the local competition.   His research paper, entitled  " Al-Kindi – Taking a Stand to Preserve Ancient Greek History During the Islamic Golden Age" earned First Place in the Senior Division Category.  Worthington Hooker students Georgiana Clark, Lila Kleppner, Amelia Cox, Alena Guitierrez, Millie Carlson as well as Wilbur Cross Students Musa Huassain and Maya Geradi also took top honors in their respective divisions.  A full list of the award winners who will be moving on to represent New Haven at the State Competition is below.

Also, we congratulate those students from Ross Woodward, High School in the Community and New Light High schools who did a wonderful job representing their schools for the first time.  

Connecticut State Senator Winfield congratulated district students, teachers, and parents for successful participation in this year’s competition.




Winners from New Haven Public Schools


 Junior Division

Category: Junior Papers

Second Place: Daniel Ellsberg: Patriot or Traitor

School: Worthington Hooker School

Student: Mateo Balbarin


Third Place: Erwin Rommel and the Atlantic Wall

School: Worthington Hooker

Student: Taivan Jargalan




Category: Junior Group Documentary

First Place: Billie Jean King

School: Worthington Hooker

Students: Amelia Cox, Alena Gutierrez



Second Place: 241 Miles for Freedom

School: Worthington Hooker Middle School

Students: Sophia Kang, KeQing Tan


Category: Junior Group Website


Third Place: Galileo and Bruno: An in-depth look into medieval persecutions of scientific advancement

School: East Rock Community Magnet School

Students: Wilson Coronel, Shiv Patel, Javier Nohpal


Category: Junior Individual Website


Second Place: Knud Pedersen: Resistance Against The Nazi Occupation

School: Worthington Hooker School

Student: Gabriel Festa


Third Place: Taking A Stand On Salt: The Salt March

School: Worthington Hooker School

Student: Yash Thakur


Category: Junior Individual Exhibit

Second Place: “Eppur si Muove”: Galileo Galilei Takes a Stand for the Heliocentric Theory

School: Worthington Hooker School

Student: Andrei Alesandrov


Category: Junior Group Performance

First Place: A Fight for Reproductive Rights

School: Worthington Hooker School

Students: Lila Kleppner, Georgiana Clark,



Third Place: Ida B. Wells and the Campaign Against Lynching

School: Worthington Hooker

Students: Beatrix Coleman, Athena Brown


Category: Junior Individual Performance

First Place: Mother Jones: A Child Labor Activist

School: Worthington Hooker

Student: Millie Sunshine Carlson

Senior Division


Category: Senior Papers

First Place: Al-Kindi – Taking a Stand to Preserve Ancient Greek History During the Islamic Golden Age

School: Engineering and Science University Magnet School

Student: Prastik Mohanraj


Category: Senior Group Documentary

Second Place: Attica

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Students: Laura Rosado, Liam O'Donnell, Quincy Ponvert


Category: Senior Individual Documentary

First Place: New Haven Rising: Center of Local Unions

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Student: Cowiya Arouna


Second Place: Vivien Thomas: Pioneer of Cardiac Surgery

School: Career High School

Student: Sreya Nagumalla


Category: Senior Individual Website

First Place: Mohammohammad Mosaddeq: Taking A Stand Against Foreign Powers

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Student: Musa Hussain


Second Place: The Fight for Racially Equal Immigration Laws

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Student: Mi Nawabutsitthirat


Third Place: Fly Girls of WWII

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Student: Mary Gilbert


Category: Senior Group Exhibit


Third Place: Deeds Not Words: Alice Paul and the Pugnacious Battle for the Ballot

School: Hill Regional Career High School

Students: Nyla Harrison, Josie Hill


Category: Senior Individual Performance

First Place: Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Taking a Stand to Protect the Everglades

School: Wilbur Cross High School

Student: Maya Geradi