New Haven Shows Gains in Next Gen. Accountality

February 28, 2017                                                                                                           
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                             
The New Haven Public Schools saw an increase of 2.3% in the district accountability index released by the State Department of Education today.  These gains largely mirror the gains reported in the State SBAC testing last year and demonstrate consistent progress across the District above the state average for such gains.
The largest contributing factor to the gains in New Haven was the decrease in chronic absenteeism for both all students and the high needs subgroup.  Dr. Reginald Mayo, Interim Superintendent of Schools noted:  “The concerted efforts made at the District and School level to combat chronic absenteeism has a direct impact on student growth as the more time we have with students in school the more education services can be delivered to allow each student to reach his or her potential.”
Thirty-one out of 40 schools showed an increase in accountability index with seven schools (Clemente Leadership Academy, John S. Martinez, Lincoln-Bassett, Quinnipiac, Strong, Truman, and West Rock Authors Academy) making double digit gains. These double digit gains were due to a combination of three factors: increase in the % of points earned for Indicator 1 (ELA, Math, & Science Performance), percentage of growth target achievement exceeding the State average, and a decrease in the chronic absenteeism rate. Most notably Lincoln-Bassett, Quinnipiac Real World Math STEM School and West Rock Authors Academy showed gains in excess of 20 points which mirrored the state testing gains that each school showed this past year.
Congratulations to Conte/West Hills Magnet School on being recognized as one of the 116 Schools of Distinction in the State of Connecticut for the Highest Growth for High Needs Students.
“The exceptional work by the School Leaders, staff, parents and students at our schools is an inspiration for us to continue our focus on the academic development of all students.  We need to fiscally support, scale and replicate the successes we have seen and strive to seek further gains as we move forward” said Dr. Mayo.
Amongst high schools Hill Regional Career (4.1), James Hillhouse (3.4), and Wilbur Cross (3.1) made the largest gains. Hill Regional Career showed gains in 5 out of the 6 academic performance indices, indicator 7 (On track for graduation) and a decrease in chronic absenteeism. James Hillhouse showed gains in ELA and Math Performance indices. Wilbur Cross showed gains in ELA and Math Performance indices, indicator 5 (preparation for CCR) and indicator 7 (On track for graduation).
“We can make no greater investment than in our students.  I salute all of those who have worked so hard to make gains over the last year and will continue to support their goals moving forward.  Challenges remain and we have further to go but I have great confidence in our students and staff to continue making positive gains in the future” Mayo said.
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