District Administration Solicits Support for Diversity Training, Cultural Competency Strategy for New Haven Schools

New Haven Public Schools is seeking proposals to support the design, planning, and implementation of “The Connecting Culture Project” (CCP).  At scale, the project would ensure ongoing exploration and learning about race and systemic racism, cultural competence, and other dimensions of the role of identity and identity interactions in the education process for students and adults.
Like other professional learning in New Haven, The Connecting Culture Project would ideally be practice-based, peer-led, and sustained.  The long term goal is for all educators in New Haven, including certified and uncertified staff, to understand bias of all kinds and become agents and champions for equity in the context of education and learning. With robust and intensive teacher and staff engagement, we expect to build and sustain culturally conscious classrooms in which students can feel understood, included and safe to fully express their unique identities.