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Download Applications: (Please read our screening policy below before downloading).       Volunteer Screening Policy   The New Haven Board of Education requires that all volunteers register and complete background screening through New Haven Public School Foundation, Inc. prior to placement in New Haven Public Schools. NHPS Foundation will serve as the central point of entry for volunteers in the New Haven Public Schools, tracking registration, monitoring criminal background screening and volunteer hours. A school volunteer is defined as any individual who performs service for one or more hours per week without remuneration of any kind.  
  • Non-fingerprint background screening for volunteers includes but is not limited to: arrest and conviction records, social security traces for last known addresses and name changes, and the sex-offenders registration list.
  • NHPS Foundation out sources background-screening services to a professional security organization that provides 24-48 hour turn-around for applications, excluding weekends and holidays. Additional time may be required if the background check reveals information not reported on the application form, such as name changes or residences.
  The following procedures must be followed to implement the School Volunteers volunteer screening policy:
  • Prospective volunteers complete an application and release of information form provided by School Volunteers A Program of New Haven Public School Foundation, Inc. The applications and release forms may be obtained from all New Haven Public Schools or from the School Volunteers office. 
  • School personnel forward completed original application and release of information forms to the School Volunteers office. If the prospective volunteer enters through the School Volunteers office, the application is processed. School Volunteers must retain the original application and release form with signatures. Copies of the forms are retained by the school.
  • Prospective volunteers who refuse to submit to background screening cannot be accepted.
  • School Volunteers forwards release of information forms to the security service, Monday through Friday, for screening. Screening process takes 24- 48 hours.
  • School Volunteers office receives and reviews individual background screening reports. In general, if a background report shows any felony offense or repeated misdemeanor offenses, the volunteer will not be accepted. A single misdemeanor offense also may result in rejection of the volunteer if, in the view of the School Volunteers office, in consultation with the Board of Education's Security Coordinator, this offense suggests a potential danger to school children. Individuals who falsify information on the application also will not be accepted. If the volunteer is not accepted, the volunteer is notified in writing and the school principal is notified that the volunteer is not available for placement.
  • Prospective volunteers that have been accepted will be contacted and School Volunteers personnel will schedule an appointment with the school principal or designee for orientation and assignment.
  • Volunteers are required to document service hours by completing School Volunteer Time Logs available at the school's security or main desk. Log sheets are forwarded to School Volunteers on a monthly basis.
  • Volunteers who document hours but are not in compliance with policy will be notified in writing that further service is suspended until required documentation and/or screening have been completed.
  • School Volunteers must provide service in classrooms, school libraries or other open areas that can be supervised by school personnel.
.   Contact New Haven Public School Foundation, Inc 80 Hamilton Street, New Haven, CT 06511 Phone: (203) 946-6950 Fax: (203) 946-2222