New Haven Board of Education Officially Launches its Search for Interim Superintendent, Job Posting Available Online

Mercy A. Quaye
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NEW HAVEN, CT (October 11, 2016) –   On  Friday, October 7, New Haven Public Schools posted the position of Interim Superintendent -- officially beginning the Board of Education’s search for Superintendent Garth Harries successor. 
Mayor Toni Harp has appointed Board of Education member Darnell Goldson to chair the interim superintendent search and selection committee. Mr. Goldson has already begun the process to develop a timeline for the committee to identify the right candidate and fill the position prior to Harries’ contract end date of November 1. This timeline will be reviewed by the board during the next board meeting. 

“Our goal is to find a quality interim leader who is familiar with urban schools -- ideally with the New Haven school system -- while we simultaneously conduct our search for a new Superintendent,” Goldson said. “I fully hope that we will be able to complete this process before the end of October, preferably by our last regular BOE meeting, which is October 24th. It is a tight and aggressive target date, but with discipline and focus I'm sure we can meet that target.”
"In the best interests of the students enrolled in New Haven Public Schools, as well as the district's administration, faculty, and staff, an interim superintendent would ideally be identified quickly, prepared to step in mid-year to build on School Change initiatives underway and the progress already documented districtwide," Mayor Harp said.
New Haven Public Schools is seeking an Interim Superintendent with academic vision, leadership experience, and strong communication skills. Candidates must be committed to collaborating and engaging with students, educators, communities, public officials, and institutional leaders to continue driving dramatic gains for students, building on current successes while exploring new opportunities for change and reform. 

The community and school board are looking for an individual who understands, embraces and appreciates New Haven's diversity and history. The successful candidate will commit to transparency, access, and creating equitable environments for all of New Haven's students. View the full job description here.
The Board will review the Interim Selection process and timetable during the Tuesday, October 11 board meeting. View the agenda here.