May: I Rise Nominee

“I Rise” nominees embody the vision of the New Haven School Change Initiative. They exhibit the qualities of life-long learners showing resilience, perseverance, community involvement, strong voice, and the ability to rise above adversity to accomplish goals. “I Rise” nominees exhibit the qualities of life-long learners. They are our next generation of leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers who are on the path to succeeding in the next stages of education, career, and life.

Eight grade student Korey Kornegay is one of the highest academically achieving students of Celentano Biotech, Health & Medical Magnet School. Korey consistently earns high honors and has maintained a 3.95 GPA average for this school year. He serves as the Treasurer of the Student Council, and is in the most advanced classes including Algebra 1. Korey scored in the advanced distribution group on the SRI, with a winter Lexile score of 1406, and surpassed the Smarter Balance ELA test. He remains a positive role model to all peers and consistently demonstrates an unwavering commitment to his personal values. Listen for Korey throughout the month of May on 94.3 WYBC!
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Photo Courtesy of 94.3 WYBC