Beecher, ESUMS, John Daniels, King/Robinson named 2016 Magnet School of Excellence; Barnard, Mauro-Sheridan, Ross Woodward, Strong named 2016 Magnet Schools of Distinction.  
New Haven Public Schools is proud to announce that eight schools have won 2016 merit awards from the Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools. 
Four schools have earned the prestigious honor of being named a 2016 School of Excellence – Beecher Museum School of Arts and Sciences, Engineering & Science University Magnet School, John C. Daniels School of International Communication Interdistrict Magnet and King/Robinson Interdistrict Magnet: An International Baccalaureate World School. Four schools - Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School, Mauro-Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications School, Ross Woodward Classical Studies Interdistrict Magnet, and Strong 21st Century Communications Magnet –were named 2016 Magnet Schools of Distinction.
“Congratulations to Beecher, ESUMS, John Daniels, King/Robinson, Barnard, Mauro-Sheridan, Ross Woodward, and Strong on this well-deserved honor. These schools and their staff work daily engaging our students to put their education first while maintaining a positive and challenging learning environment. The district and the city continue to be proud”, said Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries.
Magnet School of Merit Awards recognize magnet schools and programs that demonstrate a high commitment to academic standards, curriculum innovation, desegregation/diversity efforts, specialized teaching staffs and parent and community involvement. According to the Magnet Schools of America, 11 of our schools received merit awards for meeting the competitive requirements of “diversity, school-wide instructional approach, and academic excellence and equity.”
The Beecher School family is truly humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award from the MSA said Principal Kathy Russell Beck.  “Our teachers and staff remain committed to our mission of fostering excellence in a collaborative learning environment that supports every child.  We share this award with our amazing parents, our entire school community and especially our students.”

Engineering & Science University Magnet School Principal Medria Blue-Ellis said: “Our entire school community—district, administrative team, teachers, staff, parents, university and business partners and especially students—has worked hard to make our school a place where students are becoming tomorrow’s STEM professionals and are graduating with many possibilities.  We are proud and humbled by this honor of receiving the MSA School of Excellence for the third consecutive year, and we are committed to continuing our quest for educational excellence.”

“The entire John C. Daniels School community is honored to receive the prestigious 2016 School of Excellence Award. Our international communication theme guides students to have an awareness of their own cultural identity and the chance to learn from the cultures of classmates. Through understanding and celebrating differences, our students are becoming lifelong, culturally competent citizens. We are proud of this honor and will continue to foster academic excellence”, said John Daniels Principal Marlene Baldizon.
King/ Robinson, Principal Nadine Gannon said "Our program is designed to engage students in a rigorous and inquiry-based instruction and learning, with experiences offered through a balanced and comprehensive curriculum that fosters 21st century skills and prepare students to be active, internationally-minded citizens, who appreciate cultural diversity and strive to be lifelong learners. As the Principal, I am excited and proud of the hard work the entire staff has put forth to receive this award. As a school community, we will continue to put our knowledge into action to make a difference in the world." 
Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School has worked hard to gain a national and local reputation of excellence in environmental education. Our, students or Earth Guardians, are encouraged to make a difference in the world by learning to take care of our planet through engaging and meaningful learning opportunities taking place in our classrooms, garden, nature center, and outdoor schoolyard habitat”, said Barnard Principal  Yolanda Jones-Generette.
Mauro-Sheridan, Principal Sandy Kaliszewski said “I am honored to accept the award on behalf of my school, which has a theme of science, technology and communications. Our magnet themes are embedded in a strong math, science and language arts program that integrates project-based learning and 21st century skills. Our teachers inspire students and creatively embed our magnet themes across the disciplines to provide rich opportunities for higher order thinking and inquiry based instruction.  From robotics, maker’s lab, STEAM lab, video production to animation, our students engage in hands-on learning experiences that not only prepares them for exciting careers in the future but makes them marketable for success.”

“The Ross Woodward Community is thrilled to receive our fourth National Merit Award from Magnet Schools of America. This award recognizes our unique curriculum and programming and the collective efforts of our faculty, parents and students that bring our magnet theme alive. We are incredibly proud of our Socratic seminars and thematic explorations; being honored by MSA is a wonderful acknowledgement of our hard work. We look forward to developing our theme for years to come.”
Strong School, Principal Susan DeNicola said “We are honored to receive this prestigious award in recognition of the hard work and dedication our school community has shown in transforming our building into an engaging and stimulating 21st century communications magnet school.  At Strong, our students are provided with the academic, social, language, and technology skills necessary to succeed in a diverse and evolving world.  While we are proud of this accomplishment, we recognize that this is the beginning of our continued journey towards excellence.”