February: “I Rise” nominee

“I Rise” nominees embody the vision of the New Haven School Change Initiative. They exhibit the qualities of life-long learners showing resilience, perseverance, community involvement, strong voice, and the ability to rise above adversity to accomplish goals. “I Rise” nominees exhibit the qualities of life-long learners. They are our next generation of leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers who are on the path to succeeding in the next stages of education, career, and life.


Jayline Gomez is an 8th grade student at John C. Daniels School of International Communication. Jayline has been a part of the John C. Daniels Dual Language program since preschool and is literate in both Spanish and English. Jayline is driven to always do her best and challenge herself to do more. By doing so she has received high honors from 7th through 8th grade.  As 8th grade class president she upholds the mission of her school which encourages students to become well-rounded, global thinkers through exposure to various languages, cultures, and beliefs.
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