Hyde School to Become Dr. Cortlandt V.R. Creed Health and Sport Sciences High School
The New Haven Public high school known as the Hyde School of Health Sciences and Sports Medicine will undergo a change of name at the end of this academic year. This renaming process reflects a move away from the proprietary Hyde curriculum as well as deepened focus on preparation for careers in health and sports sciences.
The Board of Education has approved Dr. Cortlandt V.R. Creed Health and Sport Sciences High School as the new name for the school. The name was recommended by a committee of Board of Education members, parents and staff from the school as well as public comment from teachers and students. The school solicited suggestions and input from the school community and public which was presented to the committee.
Dr. Cortlandt V.R. Creed was a New Haven resident and attended New Haven Public Schools in the mid-1800’s. He became the first African American to graduate from Yale Medical School. He was very influential in the public health and the medical field, working with Fredrick Douglas on equal access in healthcare, and served as a surgeon in the Civil War. His mother was the first African American school teacher in New Haven.
The renamed Creed School will continue to prioritize and educate for the values of identity, leadership and community, as they develop students that are Creed S.T.R.O.N.G.-self-motivated, truthful, respectful, organized, noble and gritty. The school will transition important school traditions, such as the senior evaluation and speech. In addition, the school will continue to develop its strengths in both character and STEM based education, to best prepare students for college, career, and life.
“We are excited to build upon the legacy that has been established within our school community and look forward to the many changes that are in store for us in the coming years. The center of our work has always been about creating opportunities for students in high school so that they can have options upon graduation and beyond. This new direction signifies the wealth of additional experiences we will be able to provide for our students,” said Principal Zakia Parrish.
In recent years, the school has developed a new magnet theme in support of health and sports medicine. This theme, along with the leadership and staff of the School, has improved the four year graduation rate from 75% in 2012 to 89% in 2014, with a preliminary estimate of 94% in 2015. The school is currently developing an early college partnership, known as a CT ECO program, with local colleges and employers which will enable deep academic and employment connections with area colleges and employers, including the potential to earn an associate’s degree while still enrolled in high school.
The school, currently located at the Gateway North Haven Campus, is expected to remain at that location while the District and school make plans for permanent location.
“I am proud of the past, and excited for the future of the Dr. Cortlandt V.R. Creed Health and Sport Sciences High School. The names may change, but the dedication to excellence, character, and our student’s future does not,” said Superintendent Garth Harries.
In its original launch in 1993, the Hyde School of New Haven was created as the first public replication of the Hyde School of Bath Maine. Although the school has carried the Hyde name since that time, the school has moved away from fully implementing the Hyde model. While the school preserved important traditions, like the Hyde senior evaluation and speech process, the actual daily curriculum has changed to accommodate the academic standards of the State and District.
Over the last year, the Hyde Foundation and New Haven Public Schools have together recognized that the current state and future direction of the school do not reflect the proprietary Hyde program, and have acknowledged the resulting need to end the Hyde school partnership. Given that decision, the District and the Foundation determined that the school must release the proprietary Hyde name, adopting a new name to reflect its current and future identity.
Joanne Goubourn, Executive Director of the Hyde Foundation, said “We have enjoyed working with students, teachers, and families in New Haven over the years and respect the school’s decision to pursue new directions.”
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