Health In Your Hands (HIYH)

The City of New Haven, under the leadership of Mayor Toni Harp is bringing a Childhood Obesity Program called Health In Your Hands (HIYH) to the children and families of Fair Haven and Hill neighborhoods. This program is entirely free of cost for the participants, and brings to the community - cooking classes to teach healthy cooking and dance classes to stay physically active - both of which are critical to prevent childhood obesity. Every month they bring out a calendar listing all these events for that month.
This program targets (K-12) students and their families living in the Hill and Fair Haven neighborhoods, including the following ten schools:

  1. Betsy Ross School
  2. Career Regional High School
  3.  Hill Central Music Academy
  4. John C. Daniels School
  5. Roberto Clemente School
  6. Truman School
  7. Clinton Avenue School
  8. Columbus Family Academy
  9.  Fair Haven PreK - 8 School
  10. John Martinez School

Click here for informational flyers for the month of December: English / Spanish
For any question about the calendar you can call Bidisha Nath at (475) 434-1662