PRESS RELEASE: Mayor Harp and Superintendent launch dental program with ribbon cutting at Troup School

Troup is one of five schools across New Haven that will open dental clinics for students this year
NEW HAVEN – Mayor Toni N. Harp and Superintendent Garth Harries joined health and wellness advocates and school staff at Augusta Lewis Troup School on Wednesday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of five dental clinics in New Haven schools.
Mayor Harp and Superintendent Harries announced the new dental program, called Smile New Haven!, which will offer students preventive dental services in clinics at five schools – Troup, King-Robinson, Hill Central, Truman and Barnard.  The district is partnering with CT Dental Associates to launch the program, which will offer dental examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants and x-rays. The services will be performed by a licensed dental hygienist in the school clinics. The hygienist can make referrals for students who need specialized services.
District Wellness Committee Co-Chairs Will Clark, chief operating officer for the district, and Sue Peters, director of Coordinated School Health, joined the mayor and superintendent for the announcement and to talk about how the dental clinics fit into the overall vision for health and wellness across the district.
The dental services are available to all kids at the school, but parents must complete a permission form for their child to receive dental services. Children who have a regular dentist can still receive care in our school dental clinics. Benefits include little or no missed school time, no transportation problems, no language barriers (our hygienists are bilingual), and better dental health.
“Anyone who has ever experienced a dental emergency or some chronic problem with their teeth or gums knows the direct connection between good oral health and overall good health,” Mayor Harp said. “With that said, I wholeheartedly embrace these efforts by New Haven Public Schools to provide preventive dental services on a rotating basis. In fact, the idea makes me smile, because I know healthy students are in a better position to learn and prosper.”
“Healthy kids are the best learners. So it’s fundamental to School Change that we support the health and wellness of all of our students – including their dental health. These new dental clinics will help hundreds of kids maintain good dental health. Fewer cavities mean fewer missed days of school and more learning time,” Superintendent Harries said.
The new dental clinics are part of New Haven Public Schools’ commitment to supporting the “whole child” – the academic learning, the social-emotional growth, and physical health that enable students to rise to their potential and achieve big things. In addition to the dental clinics, New Haven Public Schools has 17 School-based Health Centers across the city and Wellness Committees in most schools that support students, families and staff.