NHPS Celebrations as of 6/26/15

New Haven Public Schools Celebrations:

  • Free Summer Meals in New Haven- Volunteers in orange shirts went door- to- door spreading the word on the summer meals program for an End Hunger in Connecticut campaign. This summer 85 stations where students can receive free and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner will be set up throughout New Haven. A food truck will circulate the city all day to distribute to New Havens needy. To read the Independent article and learn more information, click here. To read the Register article, click here.
  • YouthStat Milestone Celebration- The Youthstat Team a multi-agency social-emotional support program designed to reconnect and re-engage youth honor success at their first milestone celebration at Edgewood’s Coogan Pavilion. The ceremony was graced by Mayor Toni Harp, Superintendent Garth Harries, and student poems and testimonials. Many community partners shared in the celebration as they were major contributors toward student success. To view photos, click here.
  • Promise Scholarship Highlights- Several Promise Scholar recipients share their stories of success and community support throughout their college journey. To learn of strong relationships built with Promise Scholars and the Scholarship Fund read the Independent article, click here.

  • Elm City Communities Ceremony- A proud Elm City Communities and Executive Director Karen DuBois-Walton held a special graduation ceremony for those graduates living under the housing authority. Elm City Communities new initiative “Elm City Believes” acts as a leverage to provide students with academic and wraparound supports with New Haven Public Schools. To read the Independent article, click here.
  • New Haven Scholarship Fund- The New Haven scholarship fund provides millions of dollars in scholarships to hundreds of students in New Haven Public Schools to help them succeed in college. To watch an educational video and learn of opportunities to donate, click here.
  • Anti-Drop Out Message- Fifth Graders at King/Robinson Interdisrict Magnet School want to see more of their older peers succeed by graduating from high school. They personalized posters as a visual way to encourage more high school students to keep their eye on the prize. To read the Independent, click here.

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