June's "I Rise" Nominee

DeJuan Ward (DJ) is the 'I Rise' nominee for the month of June. DJ  truly represents the “second chance” and “turnaround” story that exemplifies what New Light looks to provide their students. 

DJ’s path to graduation this year has not been without its fair share of obstacles. His resilience and unwavering determination is what allowed him to overcome such seemingly insurmountable odds. After a rough start his freshman and sophomore years DeJuan was able to shed the behaviors inhibiting his success and was referred to New Light High School where he was partnered with a counselor and developed a success plan to ensure his academic success. Since, DJ made it clear that he was prepared to take on whatever the academic load called for.

DJ has been a committed participant in the Career Pathways TECH Collaborative program at Eli Whitney Technical High School. He received the “Most Improved Award” on his way to earning certifications in Weatherization & Carpentry, having already earned his OSHA certification.

Beyond the classroom, DJ displays a level of motivation and persistence to fulfilling his aspirations that distinguishes him from much of the general student body attending New Light High School. As a result, he was one of three student leaders unanimously nominated by faculty to serve on the S.L.A.M Team (Student Leaders and Mentors), which is the community service group that has shown the ability to positively influence their peers, while conducting themselves in a manner that ensures success.

DJ’s resolute effort this academic year, coupled with the perseverance to overcome substantial adversity is proof that he’s a young man on a mission to be a success in life.

You will hear DeJuan speaking about his accomplishments throughout the month on 94.3 WYBC! To learn more of this student on the rise, or to nominate a student you believe is deserving of this honor, contact the Communications Dept for a nomination form.