New Haven Register features New Haven Promise RAND study

New Haven Promise and partners Yale University, and the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven released a RAND Corporation Study, “Transforming an Urban School System”. The results of the report reflect that New Haven Public Schools is making progress toward school change goals. School change is about not allowing our students to simply pass through the schools, but creating a college-going culture.

-          Public School enrollment has risen in 2013-14
-          Promise scholars who immediately went to college rose to 98% in fall 2014
-          The number of students with a 3.0 GPA rose to 45% in three years
-          The number of students with a 3.5 GPA rose from 5% to 22% before dropping to 20% in fall 2014
-          Students from families with household incomes below $30,000 have a higher median GPA than wealthier families
-          Over 550 Promise Scholars have received Pell grants for college tuition over four years
-          Students and teachers rated their schools favorably
-          Parents feel slightly disengaged from the schools
Superintendent Harries stated that the report reflects that “we have a huge amount to be proud of and have a huge amount more work to do.” NHPS is proud of the improvements seen since 2009 and looks forward to using this data to further enhance the trend of college preparedness. President of the Board of Education, Carlos Torres is proud of the success he has seen in the district mentioning he is “proud that this district, being one of the poorest in the country, does not act anywhere near it.”
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