Bi-weekly NHPS celebrations

New Haven Public Schools Celebrations

  • GRADUATION RATE INCREASE - New Haven Academy students Steven Smith & Tatiana Moreno joined Governor Malloy and Mayor Harp at a press conference at their school on Wednesday to announce district and state-wide graduation rate increases. For the sixth year in a row, New Haven’s graduation rate increased and now stands at 75.4%, up 17 points from 2009. The governor chose to highlight New Haven Academy for having one of the biggest increases in the state. Deputy Superintendent Imma Canelli spoke at the event and celebrated the fact that many of our schools saw increases in 2014, including three schools with significant jumps in graduation rate: Hillhouse, Hyde and Metro. Congratulations to all! To read the New Haven Register article, Click Here. To read the Independent article, Click Here
  • YOUTHSTAT HAVING STRONG IMPACT – A top School Change priority is student engagement, including an intensive focus on engaging our most at-risk youth. YouthStat is a collaborative effort identify and support disengaged students so they stay on track for graduation and success in college and career. YouthStat is built on a foundation of respect, trust, honesty, effective team building, and empowerment. Educators and those on the front lines of this important work see it having a strong impact on the lives of our students. Read the New Haven Independent’s story on YouthStat’s impact here
  • In addition: YouthStat has been selected to take part in a National ‘Pay for Success’ study by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency a grantee of the Social Innovation Fund’s Pay for Success program. To read the press release, Click Here
  • Student Success- New Haven Public Schools High school students participated in the ProStart career-building program for those interested in culinary arts, restaurant, and food service management. Defending champions Wilbur Cross, and Hillhouse High School participated in the competition showcasing their techniques and plans. Wilbur Cross won both the culinary and management competition and have advanced to the National ProStart Invitational in Anaheim, California. To read the Register, Click Here
  • Student Leadership- The alders have approved three amendments that will allow two New Haven Public School students to be able to sit on the Board of Education. To run for a seat on New Haven’s reconstituted Board of Education, students must obtain 100 petition signatures from fellow students, including 50 from five different schools other than their own. New Haven Public Schools prioritizes student engagement and is proud to invite the student body to the Board. This opportunity will not only provide us with further insight from the student body, but serve as a meaningful learning experience for the two elects. To read the Independent story, Click Here 
  • Master Math Alumna- Former NHPS graduate and Fairfield University graduate Angela Moore published a solution to Beal’s Conjecture: a problem with a $1 million reward that has perplexed mathematicians for decades. Moore’s solution, titled “Beal’s Conjecture vs. ‘Positive Zero,’ Fight,” was originally published in “Math Goodies” in 2013 and republished in “mathNEWS” in 2014. She has since extended her solution and is set to present her paper this April in the CMC3 Recreational Math Conference in Lake Tahoe, Calif.
  • Community Improvement- Join Wexler-Grant on April 25th as they participate in 2015 Comcast Cares Day for a fun beautification project where they will clean up the community garden, landscape, do playground cleanup, paint sidewalk games (hopscotch, foursquare), do some indoor painting, and create a mural. If you are interested in volunteering, Click here

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