Beecher, ESUMS, and Ross-Woodward named 2015 Magnet School of Excellence; Barnard and Mauro-Sheridan named 2015 Magnet Schools of Distinction.  
New Haven Public Schools is proud to announce that five schools have won 2015 merit awards from the Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools. 
Three schools have earned the prestigious honor of being named a 2015 School of Excellence – Beecher Museum School of Arts and Sciences, Engineering & Science University Magnet School, and Ross-Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School. Two schools - Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School and Mauro-Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications School –were named 2015 Magnet Schools of Distinction.
“Congratulations to Barnard, Beecher, ESUMS, Mauro-Sheridan, and Ross Woodward on this well-deserved and incredibly meaningful honor. These schools and their staff work hard every day to put students first and to engage young people in an educational experience rooted in a unique, challenging learning environment. You have made not only the district, but the city proud,” said Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries.
Magnet School of Merit Awards recognize magnet schools and programs that demonstrate a high commitment to academic standards, curriculum innovation, desegregation/diversity efforts, specialized teaching staffs and parent and community involvement. According to the Magnet Schools of America, this year marked a record number of applications – over 300 – from schools across the country committed to achieving the MSA’s goals “diversity, school-wide instructional approach, and academic excellence and equity.”
“Beecher is thrilled and humbled to receive this prestigious award for the second time,” said Beecher Principal Kathy Beck. “We have been awarded by the MSA three times in four years - first in 2012 for Magnet school of Distinction, 2013 for Magnet School of Excellence and again this year for Magnet School of Excellence.”
Engineering & Science University Magnet School Principal Medria Blue-Ellis said: “Our entire school community—district, administrative team, teachers, staff, parents, university and business partners and especially students—has worked hard to take a place among the many schools which are examples of how education has been re-thought. We are proud and humbled by this honor and are committed to continuing our quest for educational excellence.”
“This is an honor that the Ross Woodward will celebrate for years to come,” said Ross Woodward Principal Cheryl Brown. “We not only hope to foster a strong sense of academic development, but also an unshakeable sense of character and integrity as our students evolve through our educational system.”
Barnard Principal Yolanda Jones-Generette said she was very honored to receive the award for her school. “Creating students who are empowered to make a difference in the world is at the forefront of our mission,” said Principal Jones-Generette, “Through authentic experiences and opportunities within our local and global community, our students graduate ready for the challenges of the 21st century.”
Mauro-Sheridan Principal Sandy Kaliszweski said she is honored to accept the award on behalf of her school, which has a theme of science, technology and communications.
“Our magnet themes are embedded in a strong math, science and language arts program that integrates project-based learning and 21st century skills,” said Principal Kaliszewski. “Drawing from our experience as an original NASA Explorer school, our teachers inspire students to investigate the world and wonder about the universe. From robotics to video production to animation, our students engage in hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for exciting careers in the future.”