New Haven Register features the Stay- In School Rally

This is the 5th year First Niagara sponsored the rally in celebration of the Walter Camp Football Foundation’s 2014 All American Team. David Fulcher of the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Raiders spoke of the importance of commitment, education, and family while being raised in a rough urban neighborhood. Grey Ruegamer of the New England Patriots and New York Giants flashed his success to students with two Super Bowl rings, stressing the importance of giving back and overcoming the odds. While Tony Reno, Yale head football coach urged students to think ahead.
New Haven Mayor Toni Harp motivated the students saying “people in your generation are going to build our economy, you are going to be our doctors, our lawyers, people who make things happen in our cities. So I am depending on you to educate yourself and make this city, or wherever you are, the best in the world.”
The message was well received and urged the students to strive for greatness through education despite the odds.
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