ESUMS taking the nation by storm in two STEM supporting competitions!

Engineering & Science University Magnet School (ESUMS) Instructor Melissa Manzione and Department Head Leon Tynes presented several challenges to the students as part of the STEM initiative to further develop the students in the science, technology, engineering, and math areas, of which the students excelled!
ESUMS students Ivan Campos, Marck Garcia, Kendall Greer, Danny Herrera, Kevin Musco have been named “State Finalists” in the $2 million Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest for their interest in using STEM to address the use of technology to enhance student’ comprehension of legal concepts at a local university’s bar examination preparatory program.
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But that is not all!
Students Lauren Low, Danayit Mekonnen, Jessica Bologna, Patricia Acorda, Arianna McDaniels, and Dea Acorda (left to right in featured picture)at ESUMS have also been named “Best in State” in the third Verizon Innovative App Challenge for designing a concept for a mobile application to address issues in their schools or communities. Due to the students hard work and dedication they have moved on to the next round to compete for “Best in Region” on Jan 16th with the anticipation of earning a $5,000 cash grant for its school in support of the STEM subjects.

The New Haven Public Schools District celebrates the students at ESUMS innovative approach to create tools to engage the community through technology. They have met the high expectations set for our students and we wish them well as they continue to rise!
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