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The Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology & Svigals art and architecture firm working with high school students to paint inspirational murals for Lincoln-Bassett students returning to school
When Lincoln-Bassett students head back to school later this month, they will find a new source of inspiration for learning and growing – brightly painted murals on the hallways of the school.
The murals are made possible through the school’s new partnership with ConnCAT (the Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology), who brought in art and architecture firm Svigals + Partners to design inspirational murals for the school similar to murals on display at ConnCAT.
Mayor Toni N. Harp, Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries and other school and city leaders visited Lincoln-Bassett School Thursday to view the painting of murals. Students were actively working on the murals Thursday. Also on hand will be for the event were Principal Janet Brown-Clayton and representatives partnership. The purpose of the murals is to give the school an exciting and inspirational feel for students who are returning this year and embarking on Lincoln-Bassett’s inaugural journey as a transformation school.
“The resumption of classes each year is about renewal and a fresh opportunity for students to learn, expand their knowledge base, and explore untapped potential in new subject areas,” Mayor Toni Harp said. “This innovative design and artwork on display at the Lincoln-Bassett School highlights the chance each student has this year to see school from a different perspective and maximize the opportunities they’ll have.”
“These murals will help create an inspirational and energized space for students to learn and grow, but they also send a powerful message to the entire Lincoln-Bassett family that we as a district and a community care about these students and are committed to their success. To improve the learning at Lincoln Basset, we need to be sure we give students and families a purposeful, supportive, and meaningful environment. I look forward to watching how Lincoln-Bassett’s partnership with ConnCAT creates new and exciting opportunities for students and families alike in the coming year,” said Superintendent Harries.
“Our collaboration with Svigals and the young artists from Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School is a powerful demonstration of creating a transformative space at Lincoln Bassett Community School,” said Erik Clemons, CEO and President of ConnCAT.
“It's wonderful to harness the creativity of our young aspiring artists. Their work is evidence of an energy and creativity that they have now given to the school,” said Barry Svigals, FAIA - Managing Partner of Svigals.
Lincoln-Bassett School has been selected to participate in the state Commissioner’s Network and will undergo a major transformation this year to dramatically improve academic learning for students, offer more social, emotional and health supports, and better prepare students for success in high school, college, career and life.
Part of the transformation process includes partnering with ConnCAT to provide engaging and enriching after-school programming, school environment transformation and family engagement and education. Located less than one mile from Lincoln-Bassett, ConnCAT strives to prepare youth and adults for educational and career advancement through student afterschool and adult training programs.