BOE appoints makes principal appointments

NHPS Leadership Selection
Principal, Assistant Principals & Executive Management
BOE Meeting – May 19, 2014
Tonight’s appointments represent the second round of Principal appointments for the 2014-2015 school year and reflect the Superintendent’s continued commitment to filling Principal and Assistant Principal positions as early as possible. The continued goal is to ensure new leaders are afforded time to plan for the new school year and take advantage of professional development and coaching opportunities for new leaders. At both Hillhouse and Lincoln-Bassett, there are specific planning activities upcoming, in which these appointments will be involved.
The leaders being appointed tonight represent sitting assistant principals and a sitting principal from within the New Haven Public School system as well as two external leaders who previously worked in the NHPS system. All have demonstrated exemplary leadership ability and passion for creating bright futures for our students. Many of these leaders participated in the district’s Leadership Development programs, including the NHPS-Achievement First Residency and Emerging, Future and High Potential Leader cohorts. Please see the following timeline and candidate summaries for detailed information.
Please note, we still have at least two Principal vacancies to fill – Davis Street School and Mauro-Sheridan School, as well as any new vacancies that may arise. We will make decisions on principal appointments for those schools a priority in the coming weeks.
Each principal up for appointment tonight has a resume included in this packet. Additionally, please see the following summary of candidate information:
Shanta Smith – Principal of Edgewood School
·         Was identified as a Potential Leader in New Haven as a coach and intern, then served as an Assistant Principal at Lewin G. Joel Elementary School Clinton, CT serving a population similar in diversity to Edgewood School
·         Clear support from the Edgewood interview committee
·         Participated in the NHPS Future Leaders Program
·         Edgewood’s Assistant Principal, Monique Brunson, was appointed as interim principal in January when the sitting principal left the district – Ms. Brunson decided not to pursue the permanent position.
Fallon Daniels - Principal for Hillhouse High School
·         High energy and high potential leader currently serving as Assistant Principal at Pathway Academy of Technology and Design School in Hartford – an innovation and technology school with a similar instructional theme to the proposed IDEA academy, which she will lead. 
·         Returning to New Haven, where she was a high potential developing leader and continues to live. Former science teacher at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School and Yale New Haven Teachers Institute Fellow. Identified as “Emerging Leader” leadership development training participant. Weismann Scholarship/Minority Teacher Incentive Recipient 2007-2011.
Yolanda Jones Generette – Principal of Barnard Environment Studies Magnet School
·         The district is asking Yolanda Jones Generette to return to Barnard School, where she previously helped to lead dramatic improvement in partnership with the outgoing principal, who is taking on another role in the district.  Ms. Generette’s leadership will let Barnard continue its rise with a leader experienced in the building.
·         Yolanda Jones Generette has performed as well as she could in the circumstances.  She has built connections to the community and parents, begun to upgrade instruction in classrooms, and built systems to strengthen discipline and order. School transformation is extraordinarily difficult work, and the situation at Lincoln-Basset has been particularly so this year – given the needs of students, the pressure of impending transformation, and staff and the gaps in support to the school.
·         As an AP at Barnard, Ms. Generette was identified as “High-Potential Leader” and underwent leadership development training. Also taught at Fair Haven, Helene Grant and Wexler Grant schools from 1998 – 2007
Janet Brown-Clayton – Principal of Lincoln-Bassett School
·         Janet Brown-Clayton will return to Lincoln Basset as the Principal.  Ms. Brown-Clayton was the Assistant Principal at Lincoln Basset in the 2012-13 year: she has served as a principal in Georgia previously, and in this school year she worked in one of the district’s hallmark turnarounds, Brennan-Rogers. 
·         Ms. Brown-Clayton knows both the Lincoln-Bassett school and community well, and will return to continue the transformation work that Ms. Generette and the turnaround team has started.
·         Ms. Brown-Clayton previously was identified at “High-Potential Leader” and underwent leadership development training. She also taught for 10 years at Sheridan Middle School.
The following principals were appointed earlier this month:
Glen Worthy – Principal of New Haven Adult Education
·         Current principal at Hill-Central School, a SIG turnaround school that has shown significant improvement in climate and academic achievement in recent years.  Hill Central has been particularly noted for the strength of distributed leadership developed by Mr. Worth in the course of turnaround.
·         Mr. Worthy has longtime proven leadership experience with 7 years as principal at Hill Central, and 11 years with the district as a guidance counselor. 
·         Mr. Worthy has been an America Achieves principal fellow, and has participated actively in numerous district policy initiatives including work on equity and iPD (innovative Professional Development)
Lillian Fontan – Principal of Hill Central School
·         Current assistant principal at Hill Central School, where Ms. Fontan has led and helped implement the school turnaround for the past 7 years
·         Longtime leader and teacher in New Haven with 36 years with the district as Bilingual Coordinator and Instructional Coach
·         With Mr. Worthy’s decision to accept the Adult Education position, Ms. Fontan was the clear choice for both the school SPMT and the district leadership.
Pam Franco – Principal of Clemente Leadership Academy
·         With progress underway at Clemente Leadership Academy and federal School Improvement Grant funds for the school ending this year, New Haven Public Schools will close out its contract with Renaissance School Services at the end of this year.
·         Given the shift of partnership structure, Principal Franco will move under the NHPS umbrella and will remain Principal at the school, continuing and accelerating growth.
·         Ms. Franco has overseen strong improvements in school climate and behavior, as well as accelerating academic achievement growth at Clemente over last three years.  She has been a good partner to the district as the Renaissance principal, collaborating effectively and participating in many district initiatives and events 
Jan-March: Positions were posted in January with the application process remaining open and rolling throughout March.
March 11: An Open House was held at Celentano School, where almost 100 candidates, internal and external, attended to learn about the process and expectations for hiring in NHPS. Directors and principals presented at the event and led short informal discussion groups that allowed candidates and district leaders to get to know each other.
Late March: There was an initial application review by a selection committee consisting of directors, Human Resources staff, and school personnel. Committee members used PEVAL and state competency/criteria to rate candidates’ resumes, actual experience and short answer responses on their applications.
April: Competency-based interviews were conducted at various schools. Selection committees consisting of directors, parents, content supervisors, teachers and principals led 3-hour interview sessions. Competencies focused on three areas: Instructional Leadership, People Leadership and Cultural Leadership. The sessions included use of case studies, role-playing, and video observations. The committee conducted analysis of interviews and feedback was provided to all candidates with results reported to the superintendent.
Late April – Early May: School-based teams of parents, students, directors and teachers, conducted interviews of top candidates, leading to the final interviews by the superintendent and appointments of the candidates.
Summer: Professional development, on-boarding, orientations, coaching and mentoring will be provided to all new leaders beginning in July.