Schools to get technology boost with $2.7 million state grant

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New Haven Public Schools was awarded a $2.7 million School Technology Grant from the State Department of Education today, funds that will add thousands of computers to classrooms across the district, strengthen district-wide technology capabilities, and help students be better prepared to excel in school and succeed in college and the workforce.
New Haven was one of 126 school districts to receive funding from the state to make technology upgrades in preparation for the transition to Common Core State Standards and the computer-based tests that go along with the new Common Core curriculum. Governor Dannel P. Malloy and State Department of Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor made the announcement today. Of the $24 million in school technology grants being handed out, New Haven will receive $2,657,647 – by far the largest grant amount for any school district in Connecticut.
Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries said the grant will help New Haven take a huge step forward in providing more computers and better technology to classrooms at schools across the district and give students the tools they need to succeed in school.
“I’ve been hearing in my Listening Tour and from my team about the need for more technology in schools and more equitable distribution of technology resources. I applaud Governor Malloy, Commissioner Pryor and the New Haven delegation for recognizing the need as well and investing in technology for schools that will lead to brighter futures for our children. This grant allows us to add thousands of computers to classrooms and will help students be better prepared for the way they will work and learn in the rest of their life,” said Superintendent Harries.
Specifically, the grant will allocate nearly 3,000 computers to be distributed across the district; and increased bandwidth capacity for the entire district. It will also allow a tenfold increase in our current capacity, allowing for more speed and more devices working at any one time. There will be targeted wireless upgrades across the district, creating a 1 gig connection for all schools and a 10-gig connection for our central hub.
“Because of historic investments in technology infrastructure at New Haven Public Schools, this grant allows us to build from a strong foundation and expand our ability to give students at all schools access to top-notch technology,” said Will Clark, Chief Operating Officer.
“As we transition to Common Core State Standards, this grant will get our classrooms equipped with the instructional technology necessary to have our students excel academically and be college and career ready,” said Assistant Superintendent of Schools Imma Canelli.
Superintendent Harries thanks the core team of district leaders who have focused on technology needs for many years, and worked on the grant as a way to lead the way on creating plans to strengthen technology and find innovative ways to use technology in the classroom. Information and Technology Director Kevin Moriarty has worked closely with Canelli and Clark on technology plans and integration with curriculum.