Superintendent's Night Out Launches This Wednesday

Superintendent Harries will visit schools and meet with parents, NHPS staff and the community Wednesday nights throughout the fall, more dates to be announced
NEW HAVEN – In an effort to engage parents, staff and the community around the collective mission of School Change and helping all kids rise, Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries is going out to schools in the community to hear directly from the people.
The superintendent has been meeting with parents, staff, local leaders and community groups as part of his ongoing Listening Tour. The next step is the launch of the Superintendent’s Night Out, which will kick off with an inaugural meeting at Lincoln Bassett School to coincide with Open House night on Wednesday, Sept. 18. The first Superintendent’s Night Out will run from 5:15 to 7 p.m. The first dates for Superintendent’s Night Out are listed below.
9/18     5:15-7 pm at Lincoln-Bassett School, 130 Bassett Street
10/1 (Tues)    5:30-7 pm at Nathan Hale School, 480 Townsend Avenue
10/2     5:30-7 pm at John Daniels School, 569 Congress Avenue
10/9     5:30-7 pm at Edgewood School, 737 Edgewood Avenue
10/16   5:30-7 pm at East Rock School, 133 Nash Street (Title I parent meeting)
10/29 (Tues)   5:30-7 pm at Columbus School, 255 Blatchley Avenue (PTO night)
10/30   6:30-8 pm at Cooperative Arts & Humanities High School, 177 College Street
The goal at each location is to attract participants not just from specific school location, but from the surrounding schools and community.
“I believe in the power of teamwork and I want to hear from every member of the team – parents, students, educators, school staff, local leaders and community players. We are all in this together –  this mission of giving all our young people a chance to rise and pursue their dreams. I am going out to schools in the community to hear directly from people about their ideas, priorities and concerns. I also want to hear their dreams for their children and for this district,” said Superintendent Harries.
The goal of Superintendent’s Night Out is to listen to ideas and concerns of parents, New Haven Public Schools staff, and community and to engage everyone in the collective mission of helping kids rise. At each event, Superintendent Harries will give a welcome, and then invite people to participate in a discussion about his three Listening Tour questions:
1.      What do you see as the district’s strengths, and why?
2.      What needs to change and how?
3.      What is your top priority for change?
Senior staff will also be on hand to answer specific questions parents might have about individual schools. All of the Superintendent’s Night Out dates are open to parents, NHPS staff and the public. Coffee and a light meal will be served at each event.
Additional morning events will be added in the near future, and through the year. Outreach will be done at the school level, directly to parents through PTOs and other parent groups, and in the community. An updated schedule will be posted on the district website,, and on Facebook. Times will be announced along with the final schedule in the coming days.
Strong parent, staff and community engagement is a major component of New Haven’s School Change Initiative, a school reform model that has gained national attention for its collaborative approach to improving schools and preparing students for success in college, career and life. New Haven is making great strides toward its School Change goals of improving academic achievement, increasing the graduation rate and making sure all graduates can go to college, although there is much work to be done. Superintendent Harries has challenged parents and the community to join New Haven Public Schools in the mission of helping all kids rise to a bright, successful future.