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Increased communication and accessibility remain top priorities for new leadership
NEW HAVEN – In an effort to increase communication and accessibility of New Haven Public Schools, the superintendent is joining the world of social media. Today marks the launch of the Facebook page and Twitter feed for Superintendent of Schools Garth Harries, demonstrating a stronger online presence for the nationally watched school district and an increased utilization of social media to reach out to parents and community.
“Open communication is the foundation for strong parent and community engagement. The more ways we have to communicate with people, the better shot we have of creating a meaningful and productive dialogue around School Change,” said Superintendent Harries. “Social media provides the community with another touch point when it comes to knowing what’s happening in the district.”
Social media has become part of the district’s communications strategy in the past year. The district has its own Facebook page under New Haven Public Schools with more than 1,800 followers and a Twitter handle @NHSchoolChange where it posts events, photos, and important information, such as school closings. The district Facebook page saw an exponential increase in followers during the February snowstorm as it was updated with closing information in real time.
Follow the Superintendent on Facebook by liking his page, Garth Harries, ( and on Twitter under the handle @garthharries. Superintendent Harries will post updates about his school visits throughout the day on Wednesday, the first day of school.
Strong parent and community engagement is a major component of New Haven’s School Change Initiative, a school reform model that has gained national attention for its collaborative approach to improving schools and preparing students for success in college, career and life. New Haven is making great strides toward its School Change goals of improving academic achievement, increasing the graduation rate and making sure all graduates can go to college, although there is much work to be done. Superintendent Harries has challenged parents and the community to join New Haven Public Schools in the mission of helping all #kidsrise to a bright, successful future.