School Climate Survey Results Released!

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·         New reporting format increases transparency and usability of survey results.
·         92% of K-8 parents and 88% of HS parents say they are satisfied with school.
·         Transitional schools show strong connectedness with parents, students.
·         Results show positive climate at many schools, specific areas where schools need to improve
The New Haven Public Schools continued its focus on strengthening school climate with the release today of the fourth annual School Learning Environment Survey. The surveys show positive climate and strong student and parent engagement at many schools, however much work remains to be done to improve climate even more. The results released today give all schools a clear idea of where to focus efforts to improve climate in the coming year.
The Learning Environment Survey (also referred to as the climate survey) gathers feedback from students, parents, teachers and school staff on a variety of measures grouped into five categories: academic expectations, communication, collaboration, engagement, and safety and respect. School staff received results in June prior to the end of school. The results are now being posted publicly at Or click this direct link to the school-by-school results. The Learning Environment Survey is a key component of New Haven School Change and was developed collaboratively by school leaders, teachers, and parents.
The results of the survey are being presented in a new format this year using a web-based system that allows users to view reports broken down by school, stakeholder and question. The school-level reports show change from the year before. The new format is meant to increase transparency and usability of survey data for schools and parents. This year, the survey was scored using the "Percent Favorable" metric, which describes the percent of parents who chose the two most favorable options on a question. For most questions, the favorable options are "Agree" and "Strongly Agree." The district also used a new vendor this year, New Haven-based Panorama Education, which is headed by three Yale University graduates.
Across the district, 92 percent of K-8 parents and 88 percent of high school parents agreed or strongly agreed that they are satisfied with their child’s school. In general, K-8 schools showed higher rates of satisfaction across all stakeholder groups and across all categories than high schools. Schools that showed consistent high satisfaction among parents, students, teachers and staff are Brennan-Rogers, Betsy Ross Arts Magnet, Columbus Academy, Fair Haven, Nathan Hale and Worthington Hooker.
“I am pleased with the high level of parent satisfaction at so many of our schools, but as a district we must strive to make sure every parent is happy with their child’s school,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Reginald Mayo. “The climate surveys play a critical role in showing schools where they need to make improvements to better engage and communicate with parents, students, teachers and staff. I applaud schools that are leading the way on school climate and I urge all schools to study the results closely.”
The survey represents the views of  9,667 5th to 12th grade students (87% of the student population), 5,633 parents (35 percent of the parent population), 1,488 teachers (78 percent of teachers) and 488 non-instructional staff members, including front office secretaries, security guards, and custodial staff (54 percent of staff). More parents participated in the survey this year over last year (5,192 parents last year), but the participation rate is down from 38 percent last year. Parent participation and parent engagement remain a focus for future efforts.
The schools with the highest parent participation rates were Domus Academy (92%) and Brennan-Rogers School (88%). Other schools with high parent participation rates include Strong School (70%), Fair Haven School (57%) and Columbus Family Academy (57%).
A number of schools showed significant improvements in the percent of teachers who said they would recommend their school to friends or colleagues. They are Domus, Ross-Woodward, Dixwell New Light, Hill Regional Career High School, John Daniels and Jepson.
The district’s transitional high schools show higher-than-average levels of parent and student connectedness with the school. At Dixwell-New Light, 84% of students who responded said they care about the school and 95% said there is at least one adult in the building who knows them well. At New Horizons School, the number of students who say they “feel good about their school” and the number of teachers who said they would recommend the school both increased by 10 percent. Domus Academy and Riverside Academy both showed strong parent satisfaction.
Survey results are shared with school communities and have been used over the past three years to improve learning and educational practices from the student level through to school administration. The surveys are also one of the factors used to rank schools into tiers each year and to evaluate principals. Many principals use the surveys to set performance goals for themselves and their schools.