TAG Students Participate in History Channel Project

Nov. 19, 2012
Abbe Smith
NHPS Director of Communications
New Haven students from the West Rock Talented and Gifted (TAG) program were among students from all over the world who participated this month in the History Channel’s live webinar event, “Mankind Connected: A Global Teach-In” and asked questions about UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The event aired live on the web on Nov. 8 and is available to view by clicking on this link. Students from as far away as Pakistan and France were featured in the webinar along with students from New Haven. Representatives from the History Channel visited the New Haven TAG classroom earlier this month for the taping of the program.
New Haven students had the opportunity to ask panelists and historians from around the world questions about UNESCO World Heritage sites. The experience complimented the theme for this year’s TAG fifth graders, who are studying Global Studies with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
“In a world increasingly connected by technology, it is more important than ever to connect with other cultures and understand our shared history. I am so impressed by the passion and intellectual curiosity demonstrated by our TAG students,” said Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Reginald Mayo. “I encourage families to watch the webinar online together and learn more about the amazing historic sites we have around the globe.”
New Haven students were featured in the webinar asking questions such as: How were the Egyptian pyramids built and How long did it take to build the Great Wall of China. The students got answers from top historians. It turns out it took 2,000 years to build the Great Wall of China that we know today.
The webinar explored the idea of a shared human story by looking at UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout the world and discussing key turning points in history. “Mankind Connected” was organized in conjunction with a new 12-part History Channel series called “Mankind, The Story of All of Us,” which will every Tuesday night for six weeks.
The following are quote from New Haven TAG students who participated in the event:
“It was amazing that they had such brains and knowledge to make great monuments that even now it is still acknowledged.” – Achnitya Bairat
“Stupendous! We got to ask questions on the History Channel and learn new things about the World Heritage Sites.” – Ursule Mirindi
“My favorite part of the Mankind Series was about the Chinese Empire.” – Rayanne Taroua
“My favorite part of the Mankind Series was when people learned about hunting and how the wolves became man's best friend.” – Dajia Carr
“It was so exciting to have the History Channel visit our classroom and participate in the taping of the Mankind Program.” – Jeremy Bachman