Cross Students win Top Honors at 2012 State Science Fair!

New Haven Public School Students awarded at 2012 Connecticut Science Fair
            Several science fair projects from New Haven Public School students received recognition this past week at the Connecticut Science Fair. The Connecticut Science Fair displays over 400 projects from around the state from middle school and high school. Six of the 13 entered New Haven projects were invited back on Thursday, March 15th to present to judges and received recognition at the awards ceremony Saturday, March 17th at Quinnipiac University. Included in the awardees were students from Wilbur Cross, Betsy Ross, Coop Arts & Humanities High School, and Worthington Hooker.
Wilbur Cross High students Alessandra Hogan and Tarpley Hitt received a first place award in High School Life Science Team.
Middle school student Yogasi Gazula received a 3rd place award in the Urban School Challenge. The complete list of the 13 entered projects from New Haven and their recognition is listed below. Congratulations to all the students and their teachers!
            Students are also continuing to get ready for the annual New Haven Science Fair, held May 15-17th at Yale University Commons. About 8000 students across the city from PreK to grade 12 have been working on projects, attending Family Science nights, working with mentors and displaying their work at their own school science fairs. New Haven Science Fair judging will take place the morning of Wednesday, May 16th, with public viewing to follow and awards the following evening at Battell Chapel.
New Haven Public School Projects at 2012 Connecticut Science Fair
Alessandra Hogan and Tarpley Hitt, Wilbur Cross, "Brachypodium distachyon: Building a better biofuel", Received 1st Place Trophy, High School Life Science Team, and finalist medal in Urban School Challenge.
Yogasai Gazula, W.Hooker Grade 7, "The Clean Water Project", Received Top Environmental New Haven Award, 3rd Place Middle School in Urban School Challenge  and 2nd Honors in 7th Grade Life Science.
Joshua Levine-Ritterman and Foster Hall, W.Hooker Grade 8, "Increasing Solar Energy" Finalist in Middle School Physical Science, finalist medal Cleaner Energy Award, received finalist medal in Urban School Challenge
Brian Brigham, Betsy Ross Grade 7 "One Dog's Poop, Another Man's Treasure" Received Children's Museum Special Award, finalist medal in Biotechnology, and 3rd Honors in 7th Grade Life Science.
Mairead Brennan, Coop High, "Battle of the Solvents", Received Fenton Award for Creativity in Physical Science, and finalist medal in Urban School Challenge.and 2nd Honors in High School Physical Science.
Evan Robison, Betsy Ross, Grade 8 "Effects of Symphytum on Bone Cell Growth" finalist medal in Urban School Challenge, 3rd Honors in 8th Grade Life Science.
Hunter Congdon, Betsy Ross Grade 7, "Passive Solar Energy", 3rd Honors in Middle School Physical Science..
Avery Jones, Betsy Ross Grade 8, "How to Make an Aircraft Invisible to Radar", 2nd Honors Middle School Physical Science.
Laura Knowedler, Coop High "Is our water safe?", 3rd Honors High School Life Science.
Charlotte Gordon and Eleanor Morgan, W.Hooker, "Ping Pong Jazz", 3rd Honors  Middle School Physical Science.


Wilbur Cross students Alessandra Hogan and Tarpley Hitt with their award winning Connecticut Science Fair project.

Yogasai Gazula, student from Worthington Hooker with her Connecticut Science Fair project.