Mauro-Sheridan to Compete in Lego League Championship

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Christopher Hoffman
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Students from Mauro-Sheridan Science, Technology and Communications Inter-district Magnet School will compete Sunday with robots they built for the state First Lego League championship.
In First Lego League, students are presented with a science, engineering, math and technology challenge. This year’s challenge is called “Food Factor” and requires students to build and explain systems to safely harvest food and bring it to market.
The competition includes simulations in which the students use robots they build to demonstrate the safe harvesting and processing of various foodstuffs. In addition, students must produce a written project outlining the safe handling and processing of food.
Mauro-Sheridan students advanced through earlier rounds and are the only New Haven public school students competing in the state championship at Central Connecticut State University Sunday.  About 55 schools are expected to send teams to the event.
Teacher Susan Block Brown said First Lego League is part of the district’s aggressive effort to promote Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) education. She noted that most jobs of the future will require STEM skills.
“The STEM method is incredibly important,” Brown said. “President Obama has emphasized the need to promote STEM education. Lego League teaches STEM in a competitive, playful format that keeps the kids engaged. STEM is about the future of these kids. Most jobs of the future will require STEM skills. STEM knowledge will be these students’ ticket to a productive future and career.”
Promoting STEM skills is part of the district’s School Change reforms that seek to improve test scores, cut the dropout rate and prepare students for college.
This is the third year that Mauro-Sheridan students have participated in Lego League.
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