John C. Daniels School Collects Items for Troops

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
Christopher Hoffman
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John C. Daniels School of International Communication held an assembly today celebrating completion of its drive to collect non-perishable food and other items for servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Members of the Connecticut Air National Guard and the U.S. Army, including Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, took part in the assembly.
The school conducted the drive in partnership with the Soldiers’ Angels charity. The items, which include ramen noodles, cookies, candy, beef jerky, toiletries and sports equipment, will be shipped to a Soldiers’ Angels warehouse in North Carolina. There, the items will be divided into care packages and shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan.
The school began collecting food and other items on September 11 and timed the drive’s end to coincide with Veterans Day on Friday.
“I’m very proud that students and their families showed such strong support for our military,” John C. Daniels Principal Gina Wells said. “This effort makes Veterans Day come alive for students. They now have a direct connection to our brave service members who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way for us. I’m very pleased that the Daniels community came together to support our troops.”
 Military attendees are expected to include five members of Connecticut Air National Guard, 103rd Air Control Squadron. They are:

  • Technical Sergeant Jesse Barna: Tech Sgt. Barna is a RF Transmissions Systems Specialist responsible for tactical radio maintenance, building of radio and satellite communications links, and training of subordinate radio personnel. She has eight years of service. She was deployed to Qatar in 2007 and Talil Iraq in 2009, and is scheduled to deploy again in 2012;


  • Master Sergeant Scott Dublinski: Master Sgt. Dublinski is a senior weapons director responsible for control of combat aircraft providing close combat support. He has 21 years of service. He was deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2003, Qatar in 2007 and Balad, Iraq  in 2009. He is scheduled to redeploy in 2012;


  • Master Sergeant Morgan Nairn: Master Sgt. Nairn is NCOIC (Non-commissioned Officer in Charge) of material control - supply specialist responsible for all equipment of base and maintaining equipment readiness packages for deployment.  He has 11 years of service. He was deployed to Savannah Georgia in 2005, Qatar and Ramstein Germany in 2007 and provided family support for those deployed in 2009;


  • Technical Sergeant Kevin Townley: Tech Sgt. Townley is a RF transmissions systems specialist. He is a graduate of Columbia University with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He has 16 total years of service, including 15 as a satellite and wideband communications technician, maintaining various types of satellite, tropospheric, and microwave communications equipment and building tactical communications links. He was deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan 2003 and is scheduled to deploy in 2012;


  • Staff Sergeant Greg Brigham: Staff Sgt. Brigham is a ground radar systems technician. He operates, maintains, and repairs a long range mobile radar system, a vital part of air control. He has 19 years of service, including six years with the New Hampshire Army National Guard and nine years in the Navy as a nuclear propulsion mechanic aboard a Los Angeles class submarine. He deployed 3 times with the Navy aboard the USS Buffalo.