"Like" Energizer Bunny to Win NHPS $30,000 in Musical Intruments

'Like' the Energizer Bunny to help New Haven snag $30K for music education
By Jordan Fenster, Entertainment Editor
NEW HAVEN — If you could help get $30,000 to help the city schools’ music education program, would you?
Well, you can, and all you have to do is “like” the Energizer Bunny on Facebook and vote for New Haven.
The vote counts because Energizer is partnering with The VH1 Save the Music Foundation to provide $30,000 in instruments to the school district that wants it most. The city with the most votes on Facebook gets the money.
“They are all about restoring music to education in public schools,” Marissa Giller, a spokeswoman for Energizer said of The VH1 Save the Music Foundation. “They recognize there’s this need and want to make a positive impact.”
New Haven is now second in the race behind Birmingham, Ala., and there’s a lot of distance to cover if the city wants to catch up — Birmingham has more than 800 votes. New Haven has 127 votes, only a few ahead of third ranked Philadelphia, Pa.
Ellen Maust, facilitator of the district’s music program, said the foundation has so far funded 11 band programs for middle school-aged children in the district, and a 12th will be started in September.
“They are very invested in us right now,” she said.
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