DOMUS Helps 8th Grader Succeed

Christian Graduates Twice
by Melissa Bailey | Jun 23, 2011 11:24 am
New Haven Independent
After getting kicked out of traditional schools and labeled as a “special needs” kid, Christian Pabon defied expectations by shaking that label—and then walking down the aisle at his 8th grade graduation.
After joining a city charter-school experiment in the fall, Christian graduated from special education in January when tests showed he was ready to return to a mainstream classroom.
On Wednesday, he joined 15 other students as the first graduating class from Domus Academy. The school opened last fall, serving a few dozen kids with behavioral or emotional problems in grades 6 to 8. As part of the city’s school reform drive—which is experimenting with several different ways to try to “turn around” failing schools—New Haven engaged a not-for-profit charter company to run Domus.
Standing in a long robe and a mortar board in the gymnasium of the school at 130 Leeder Hill Dr., Christian said he thought the day would not come.
“I didn’t think I was going to graduate,” Christian said.
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