Celentano 7th Graders Speak Out Against Violance in NH Register

The New Haven Register recently published letters to the editor from two Celentano School students, Lamont Davis and Genesis Gonzalez, speaking out against violance.
LETTER: For Father's Day, a young man's plea
I am a New Haven student writing to you about the men in this city not being there for their kids. When I walk around New Haven, I see these guys on the corner not doing what they are supposed to do for their kids. It makes me think of my dad, who I know would be there for me if he hadn’t died when I was little. Instead of them being on the corner, they need to be in the house with their kids and going to work, just like my dad would have done.
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LETTER: Teens can take part in stopping city violence​
I read in the newspaper that New Haven is the fourth most dangerous city in the country.

Immediately, I thought of two things: my sister and myself. I think it is not fair for my sister to have to grow up in this unsafe community.

I want her to be successful in life, but I fear that all of this violence will get her off track. She should know that life is not just violence and that by working together, we can change our way of living.

As for me, I am 13 and want to be my sister’s hero so I can show her we can make a difference.
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