NH Register Profiles School Change at Edgewood School

TOP OF THE CLASS: High-performing New Haven school spreads its influence
By Abbe Smith, Register Staff
NEW HAVEN — Principal Bonnie Pachesa is leading the reform effort at “tier one” Edgewood Magnet School, but she recalls a time when the school was not at the top of its game.

“When I first came to this school people were leaving in droves and we worked hard to turn this school around,” she said.

Now Edgewood is finishing its first year as one of the district’s two (sic)* tier one schools, the top rung of a three-tier system that categorizes schools by the amount of intervention needed to improve learning. While the district’s low-performing “tier-three” schools have received more attention over the past year as they attempt dramatic transformations aimed at improving student performance, top-performing tier-one and mid-range two schools have been plugging along with their own intensive reform agendas. It’s all part of the district’s massive school reform initiative.
* There are six tier one schools.
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