Celebrating Nutrition at Brennan-Rogers School!

On the evening of Wednesday May 25th I had the opportunity to visit Brennan-Rogers School's 2nd grade classes. Teachers Christina Guerra, Dawn Vontz and Jackie Nathman all 2nd grade teachers, invited me to come check out the activities the children have been working on related to good nutrition, healthy eating and their portable school gardens.

The students used crayons to draw a healthy meal on paper plates and used colored paper inside a plastic cup to note their healthy beverage juice. I observed one iced tea, one chocolate milk, a few apple and orange juices and the rest were white milk.

The students in Ms. Vontz's class made a fresh salsa with plum tomatoes, green peppers, onions & cilantro. The colors were wonderful and the taste was top notch!

Ms. Guerra's class was making vegetarian burritos with refried beans, broccoli slaw, salsa and sour cream on a whole wheat tortilla, yummy!

Chef Elizabeth from Ms. Guerra's class makes Chef Tim a burrito!

Ms. Nathman's students made banana sushi: whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter spread then and sliced bananas. The tortilla was then rolled up and sliced to resemble sushi.
The students are growing lettuce and tomatoes in bright orange buckets, the lettuce is flourishing and will taste even better when the students can sample it from their new salad bar!
When Principal Karen Lott came to visit the student chef served her fresh salsa, showed off the bucket garden and gave Ms. Lott a tour of the worm compost box.
In June the 2nd grade class will be visited by a film crew from www.babble.com to show off what they are doing in relation to making healthy choices.
This is another great example of the great things happening in our schools. Kudos to the Brennan-Rogers School Community for embracing healthy change!