New Haven Students Celebrate Pi Day

Monday, March 14, 2011
Christopher Hoffman
                     New Haven students are celebrating Pi Day today at schools citywide with special activities using everything from household objects to circles drawn in chalk on sidewalks to bits of string to learn about 3.14.
                   Other activities included Pi songs, Pi slogans, Pi stories, Pi bracelets, Pi paper plate caterpillars and Pi Jeopardy.
                   “Pi Day is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn and have fun,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Reginald Mayo said. “These activities teach kids a basic building block of science and math in hands on and memorable ways. I’m sure that students will never forget the basics of Pi after today.”
                      Pi was developed by the Phoenicians around 230 BC. Most people think Pi is the number 3.14, but it is actually the number of diameters of a circle it takes to go around a circle.  Miraculously, the number is the same for every circle.  Pi is an endless number with more than 2,100 decimal places.
            March 14 is Pi Day because 3.14 equates with the date 3/14.  Schools celebrate this day with fun and creative math activities that get students to think about the mathematics of circles and have fun. School activities include:
·         Barnard Environmental Studies School kids will hold a contest to remember the most Pi digits;
·         Brennan-Rogers School students will draw circles on sidewalks and measure them with yarn;
·         John S. Martinez School students will memorize Pi digits and do Pi art;
·         Celentano Museum Academy kids will compose Pi poems, raps and songs;
·         John C. Daniels School of International Communication students will measure the circumference of circles and hold a scavenger hunt for circular objects;
·         Columbus Family Academy students will make Pi caterpillars and bracelets with a Pi digit on each link;
·         Fair Haven School students will measure the circumference of circular and cylindrical objects they brought from home;
·         Nathan Hale School kids will participate in Pi Jeopardy;
·         Worthington Hooker School students will engage in a variety of activities celebrating and promoting understanding of Pi.