2011-12 School Budget Decreases Spending $5.6 Million

Monday, February 28, 2011
Christopher Hoffman

               The Board of Education has approved a $370 million 2011-12 school budget, a decrease from this year’s $375.6 million spending plan.
                  The new budget is $5.6 million less than this year’s, a 1.5 percent reduction in spending. The city’s contribution to the 2011-12 school budget is being flat-funded for the third straight year.
                 The budget process took seven months and included numerous public meetings and debate. The document is user friendly and transparent, including a school-by-school breakdown of revenue and expenses.
                 “We are being fiscally responsible while working to protect students, instruction and the School Change Initiative reforms,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Reginald Mayo said. “Overall spending is falling. These reductions will make our reforms more challenging, but we are determined to succeed. The School Change Initiative remains our highest priority.
                 “This budget is transparent and user friendly, as was the process creating it.”
                   The school system still faces a shortfall. Without changes in the budget outlook, the schools will need to cut an additional $14.5 million. The system has already eliminated 42 positions, saving about $1.8 million, and may need to eliminate up to 148 more by the end of June.
                    Dr. Mayo said, “I deeply regret having to lay off anyone, but the budget shortfall leaves us no choice. Attrition, retirements and non-personnel costs reductions will determine the final number of eliminated positions. We will seek additional grants and other revenue sources as part of our effort to close the budget gap.”

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