Board of Education announces changes in Calendar due to additional snow days. ..

Today New Haven Public Schools Superintendent Reggie Mayo announced that February vacation may be shortened by as many as three days should the inclement weather persist.  In a letter to parents and staff Mayo acknowledged the challenge parents, staff and the district have faced dealing with the unprecedented amounts of snow.  He laid out the district’s plan to make up missed days.
By law, districts around the state are required to complete a 180 day school year by June 30th.  Mayo stated “it has become clear that should the weather continue on this pattern, we will not be able to make up the requisite number of days by extending into June alone.” 
The current 2010-2011 NHPS School Calendar lists the last day of school as Monday, June 20th, this includes two built in snow days.  Below is a chart which outlines how the additional snow days to date will be made up.

Additionally, Mayo announced that he will be converting the half day scheduled for Monday, February 7, 2011 to a full day.    
“I know this situation is frustrating, and we will continue to try to limit the number of early dismissals, delays and cancellations.  Student safety, however, remains my number one priority.” Stated Mayo.  Mayo thanked parents and staff for their patience and understanding.  He also encouraged parents to “use any unexpected time off to spend quality time with your child by reading, talking and playing games.” 
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