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Barnard was one of 27 schools in the district that drew more parents to Report Card Night this year than last, according to Laoise King, chief of external affairs for the New Haven Public Schools. King is closely watching the number of parents and guardians who made it out to meet with teachers this year. Turnout at the event, held Nov. 17 and 18 for most schools this year, has been set as a key metric for parental involvement as the city plunges into its first full year of a citywide reform drive.
Metropolitan Business Academy showed the most improvement this year, with 95 percent turnout, an increase of 49 percent compared with last year. Turnout was the lowest at three small transitional programs: At Polly McCabe, a school for pregnant teens, only 3 of 21 students’ families showed up for students. Forty-one kids’ parents (26 percent) showed up to Riverside Academy, and 79 (40 percent) to Hyde Leadership Academy.
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