School Health - Bureau of Nursing

School Health Program
The primary focus of school health is wellness, with the emphasis on preventive service and health promotion activities. The New Haven Department of Health Bureau of Nursing is delegated the responsibility for maintaining school nursing services by the Board of Education. The Bureau of Nursing provides health services to approximately 22,000 students in grades Pre-K through Grade 12 in both the public and non-public schools.

Role of the School Nurse
The school nurse ensures that students are healthy enough to learn and minimizes the time lost in school due to illness or other prolonged disability. This is accomplished through proper assessment, referral and follow-up care, as well as appropriate communication with the student's health care provider. Oftentimes the school nurse is the only consistent health professional the student sees allowing the nurse to advocate for students and helping them develop a healthy lifestyle.
Physical Assessment Requirements
Please be aware that your child will not be allowed to attend school if the following requirements are not met.  Please call the Health Department, Bureau of Nursing at 203-946-8167 with any questions you may have regarding school health requirements.
Before school starts, completed Physical Health Records can be dropped off in the locked box in the Registration Office, 1st floor of 54 Meadow St. or on the 9th floor, the Bureau of Nursing.
Pre-Kindergarten-The findings of an up to date physical exam must be entered on a State of Connecticut Early Childhood Health Asssessment Record. Please use the following link to download and print a Connecticut state form.
Kindergarten-The findings of an up to date physical exam must be entered on a State of Connecticut Health Assessment form dated within one year of the student's entry in September. Please use the followig link to download and print a Connecticut state form
Students entering 7th or 10th grade will also require an updated physical exam per Connecticut state law, as well as any students new to New Haven Public Schools. it should be provided upon registering/entering for new students and by August 31st for returning students. Please use the following link to download and print a Connecticut state form.

Immunization Requirements
Connecticut state law and The New Haven Board of Education have immunization requirements for all enrolled students. Please visit the following link at the bottom of this page to access state mandated vaccine requirements.
Medications in School
Medication cannot be given in school unless an Authorization for Administration of Medication form is filled out by your health care provider. Medication must be brought to school by an adult, in the original prescription or over the counter packaging. Medications must be reviewed by the school nurse BEFORE they can be administered in school. Please contact your child's school nurse, or the Bureau of Nursing at 203-946-8167 with any questions regarding medication policies. Please use the following link at the bottom of this page to download and print a Authorization for Medication form.
Special Health and Medical Needs for Students
Not all New Haven Schools have nurses present full time. If your child requires specialized  medical care during school hours, or has a prescription for insulin, glucagon, or diastat please contact the Bureau of Nursing at 203-946-8167 before your child begins school. Thank you!
Necesidades Especiales de Salud: No todas las escuelas tienen la presencia de enfermeras a tiempo completo. Si su hijo(a) requiere de cuidados  de salud especializados, o tiene una prescripción para Insulina, Glucagon o Diastat durante horas escolares, contacte a la Oficina de Enfermería del Departamento de Salud  de New Haven al 203 946-8167 lo más pronto posible.       ¡Gracias!

If your child requires medication for allergies or asthma, please contact your school nurse to discuss an individualized healthcare plan.

If you attended school in New Haven and need a copy of your immunization records please contact  203-946-8167 for further information