NEW HAVEN – Six New Haven Public Schools entered 23 projects at the Connecticut State Science Fair held March 11-14 at Quinnipiac University in Hamden.  Three reached the finals and three others were given special awards.
The three finalists and their projects were Elizabeth Bays and Aneurin Canham-Clyne, grade seven from Hooker Elementary School, for their project "Got Garlic? What to do when you've got E.coli." They took home Pfizer Life Sciences Award’s first place in the category of Life Sciences Middle School Team.  Olivia Joy and Sophia O'Brien-Udry, grade eight from Hooker Elementary School, received second place in the Dominions Millstone Power Station Physical Science Award in the category Physical Sciences Middle School team.  They also received second place in the eesmarts/CT Energy Efficiency Fund Sustainable Resources Awards and Air and Waste Management Association Environmental Research Award.  Rachel Matheny, grade eight took fifth place for "Which Hand Sanitizer kills the most E.coli?" in Pfizer Life Sciences Award’s Life Sciences eighth grade category.
Three Special Awards were given out to individual New Haven Public Schools students. Beatriz Sao from High School in the Community received the Society of Women Engineers Award for her project "How does the temperature of the ocean affect the intensity of hurricanes?". Wilbur Cross’s Adam Taylor received the FuelCellEnergy Award for "Synthesis and Microbial Support Structure of High Surface Area Carbon Aerogels".  The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society Award was presented to -Tiana Dyson from Worthington Hooker for "Burning Calories"
There were 150 finalists at the CT State Science Fair who were selected from a group of 500 students.
“NHPS is proud of the students that have worked hard on science fair projects and did well at the state science fair.  Thousands of city students will be honing their scientific inquiry skills as they work on their science fair projects for the upcoming city fair.  Conducting experiments, analyzing, and communicating results are all important skills that NHPS is emphasizing through our STEM initiative to make sure all students are prepared for their future” said Richard Therrien, Science Supervisor for NHPS.
Over 6000 New Haven Public School students participate in science fair projects throughout the year, culminating with our New Haven City Science Fair in May each year at Yale Commons.  This year, the New Haven City Science Fair will be on Wednesday, May 12th and students are already excited to show off the projects that they have been working on throughout the school year.
New Haven Public Schools is committed to providing cutting edge STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) programs and curriculum in order to prepare students for further education in these areas.  STEM education provides all students the opportunity to access careers in these fields. This is important because the skills students need to be competitive and successful in the 21st century are based upon these important areas.