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Since the catastrophic earthquake occurred in Haiti on January 12, 2010, people around the world have been searching for ways to help those that were affected.  The support provided by New Haven Public Schools was overwhelming especially in these tough economic times.  Many people used their creative abilities to set up fundraisers and donation drives while others donated to a variety of charities.  We at New Haven Public Schools would like to say THANK YOU to all those who showed their support of the various Haiti relief efforts that took place over the past month. 
Here are some highlights showing the amazing generosity and compassion here in the New Haven Public Schools:

District Wide Collection – in partnership with City hall we asked for donations of items like toiletries, hand sanitizer, writing utensils, first aid kits, notebooks, socks, light non-perishable foods and mosquito repellant.  The goal was to stuff 500 backpacks with the donated items and send them to Haiti via the Yale University chapter of UNICEF.  We are proud to announce that enough supplies were donated to stuff over 600 backpacks!  In addition, over $1,000 in cash donations were collected.
We would like to recognize and give a special “Thank You” to the following schools, departments and individuals for their outstanding support during this district wide relief program:
Strong School                                      Michelle Wade (Central Office)
Adult Education                                  Food Services Department
Barnard Environmental School
Bishop Woods School
Brennan/Rogers School                       Laura Calabrese (Barnard)
Columbus Family Academy                Teddi Barra (Central Office)
Conte West Hills School                       Dick Bell (Central Office)
East Rock Magnet School                   Karen DeFur (Central Office
Edgewood Magnet School                 Ronja Goldson (Central Office)
Helene Grant Head Start School         Stacy Harris (Central Office)
High School in the Community            Kristen Hebert (Barnard)
Hill Central Music Academy                Katya Leviton-Reiner
Hill Regional Career High School        Simone Minichino (Strong)
John S. Martinez School                      Brenda Moore ( Central Office)
Nathan Hale School                            Norine Polio (Central Office)
Ross/Woodward School                      Gillian Redeaux (Central Office)
Sound School                                      Liz Torres (Board of Ed.)
Troup School                                      
Truman School                                    
Wilbur Cross High School
Worthington Hooker School (2nd Grade)
*A special thanks to the 7th and 8th graders and staff from Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School, John C. Daniels School, Edgewood Magnet School, King Robinson School, and John. S. Martinez School for their amazing energy and enthusiasm as they systematically stuffed over 600 backpacks for children in Haiti!
**An extra special Thank You to Peggy Moore, Principal at Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School and her staff for the coordination and use of BRAHMS Hall as the staging and stuffing location for this activity.

    • Barnard Environmental School - held a raffle: have a heart ;help Haiti. They put together 7 raffle baskets and students from 3rd and 7th grade helped sell tickets at lunch time. They sold tickets Thursday and Friday only and they had 7 happy winners and raised  $75.00 that was donated to the American Red Cross Haitian Relief fund. The kids were excited about helping. One kindergartener even made the choice to forego the valentine chocolate rose in lieu of helping Haiti!!!


  • Hillhouse – declared January 19th to be “Hillhouse Helps Haiti Day” and raised $1,710 that was donated to the American Red Cross.


  • New Haven Academy – raised $320 during their emergency relief collection on January 15th that was donated to the Save the Children Haiti Relief Fund.  They also collected several bags of clothing and donated them to families that have been in contact with New Haven Academy.


  • Hill Regional Career – donated $750 to the American Red Cross and are still taking donations.


  • Jepson Magnet School – raised money for Haiti by holding a school wide raffle of various items such as a bike, art supplies, Boston Red Sox basket, etc.


  • King/Robinson School - collected over $420 for the Haitian relief, plus loads of other items--tissues, clothes for children, canned goods, personal hygiene items etc. Which were donated to the Haitian Catholic Center in Stamford Connecticut. There is also a quarter drive in progress. This was initiated by the parents, students and staff.


  • East Rock Magnet School - raised over $1,000 by offering students and staff the opportunity to wear hats on “Hat Day” and jeans on “Jeans Day” for a small fee.  They also took up a cash collection from staff and parents.


  • Worthington Hooker - raised over $500 from staff, parents and students.  They are working with the American Red Cross to get the donation to Haiti.


  • Sound School – did a cash collection and donated $345 to Americares and $30 to the Red Cross for a total of $375.


  • Troup School - Students and staff at Troup School are running a t-shirt collection.  The t-shirts collected will be given to a church in Bridgeport for delivery to Haiti.


  • Mauro-Sheridan Magnet School - held a Dance-a-thon where members of the of the community pledged money for how many hours the students danced. They also held “Hands 4 Haiti”, which was a change drive where all students and staff were encouraged to bring in pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and even dollars to aid in helping the earthquake victims.  This is an on-going drive. All proceeds will be given to The American Red Cross.   They are also doing a Valentine’s Day Flower-Gram Drive and the proceeds from this will go to Save the Children.