School Change Initiative Documents

As these reform efforts continue, we will post, on an ongoing basis, documents and materials relevant to reform and the work being done toward its goals. 
2010-11 Tiering Announcement Press Release 
2010-2011 School Tiering
Tiering Criteria and Performance Matrix
Talent management update for BOE
School Change Initiative Overview - overview of goals and strategies of school reform plan.
School Change Initiative Map - updated 8/2010
School Change Initiative Document 
2010-2011 School Change Goal Setting and Priorities - Goal setting and tracking successes are key elements in moving the School Change Initiative forward.  Key goals are highlighted below.

New Haven School Change: Performance Goals, Vision, and Strategy - Updated - 9/10/10

Class of 2008 - High School Outcomes & College Success - 9/10/10

New Haven Public Schools & United Way Announce Five Pilot BOOST Schools - New Haven Public Schools has announced the five schools that will pilot New Haven Public Schools’ Boost! program in the upcoming academic year. Boost! is a partnership between the City of New Haven, New Haven Public Schools and United Way of Greater New Haven to ensure all students in the district have the supports and services they need to learn and be successful in the classroom.  Click this link to read more.
2010 CMT/CAPT Results - New Haven Public Schools announced results of the district’s performance on the 2010 Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT). “This is a critical year for us because as we prepare to fully implement our comprehensive School Change Initiative this fall these scores define our baseline. These numbers represent year zero and next year will be year one. While these scores don’t satisfy our goals, these represent where we are so that we can accurately define what we need to do to move to the next level,” said Superintendent Dr. Reginald Mayo. To read full press release click here.
2010 CMT/CAPT Results Overview
2010 CMT School-by-School Results
2010 CAPT School-by-School Results
School Climate Survey - As a major feature of the New Haven Public School's Nationally Recognized School Change Initiative,  New Haven has implemented an annual School Climate Survey.  This survey will collect feedback from students in grades 5-12, teachers and parents about their individual schools.   Survey results will be used as a significant factor in the tiering of the schools this and each fall going forward and each school’s annual review of its sown chool improvement plan will take into account how well that schools used their survey results to make improvements. 
School Climate Survey Results - District Level
School Climate Survey Results Summary - District Level
School Climate Survey Results - District Level (Press Release)
School Climate Survey Results - School-by-School (scroll to bottom of page for school-by-school reports)
School Climate Survey Results - School-by-School (Press Release)
Principal Evaluation & Development System - Leadership is the most critical factor in determining the student learning, the climate, and the professional collaboration that occurs across a school.  Second only to teachers as the most significant in school factor for impacting student achievement, and a key factor in developing effective teachers, quality school leadership is critical for consistent student achievement across classrooms and grade levels.   The evaluation and development process for building based administrators (Principals and APs) is designed to promote effective leadership by providing regular and comprehensive feedback for leaders at all stages of their development, feedback that both encourages growth and carries professional consequences.
Overview of proposed Principal Evaluation & Development System (PowerPoint)
Overview of proposed Principal Evaluation & Development System (Word doc)
New York Times Editorial - New York Times did an editorial piece called "The New Haven Model" which appeard in the May 2, 2010 issue.  The editorial said "The city of New Haven and the American Federation of Teachers deserve high praise for the new teacher training and evaluation system..."

Teacher Evaluation & Development System - In October, New Haven Public Schools (NHPS) and the New Haven Federation of Teachers (NHFT) agreed to provide recommendations to the Board on the creation of a new teacher evaluation and development  process. This collaboratively designed proposal re-crafts the NHPS teacher evaluation and development system. Please see documents below for detailed information on the proposed teacher evaluation and development process.

NHPS Teacher Evaluation & Development Executive Summary

Overview of Proposed Teacher Evaluation & Development System (PowerPoint)
Overview of Proposed Teacher Evaluation & Development System (Word Doc)
Proposed Teacher Evaluation & Development System - Appendicies A - E
TEVAL Materials for Implementation
Instructional Practice Framework - (9/15/10)
Instructional Practice Performance Continuum - (9/15/10)
Professional Values Framework and Performance Continuum - (9/15/10)
Teacher Evaluation & Developement - An Introduction to the Process (9/15/10)
TEVAL - Teacher & Administrator's Guide - (9/15/10)
TEVAL - Conference Form (9/15/10)
TEVAL - Instructional Practice Worksheet (9/15/10) 

TEVAL - Student Learning, Growth & Goal Setting Intro (9/15/10)
Interim Progress Reports for NHPS Schools – These individual school reports provide data on growth and performance of students on CMT or CAPT testing as well as data on attendance and student engagement and college enrollment and retention.

Pilot Tiering Press Release - City announces seven schools to be tiered in pilot effort. (Released - March 15, 2010)
NHPS Plot Chart (at or above proficient)
NHPS Plot Chart (at or above goal)
These charts plot each New Haven elementary/middle school on a graph to indicate general relation to other elementary/middle schools in the district. (Released - March 15, 2010)
NHPS Tiering FAQs - This document shares some of the basic principals and changes that will be applied in this pilot phase of School Change. 
BOOST Press Release - City announces partnership with United Way to coordinate comprehensive physical, emotional and social services to children and families so that children can arrive at school ready to learn. (March 4, 2010)
School Performance Measures (Updated & Presented to Board on 3/8/10) 
School Performance Measures (Presented to Board on 2/22/10)
School Performance Measures - criteria for evaluating school performance and placing them into one of three tiers.
Central Office Survey Results
Central Office Survey Results Summary
Every current NHPS principal and assistant principal was invited to participate in this in-house survey to assess the quality of the management, support and tools that school based administrators receive from the district’s central office. (Released on 2/22/10)
The New Teacher Project (TNTP) Survey Results - Press Release - overview of preliminary findings from the TNTP survey. (Released on 1/29/10)
The New Teacher Project (TNTP) Survey Results (Round One)
The New Teacher Project (TNTP) Survey Results (Round Two)
analysis of this independent survey completed by NHPS teachers and principals.  Survey results will serve to inform the work being done by the reform committee  to  shape the new teacher evaluation system. (Round One presented to the public on 1/29/10, Round Two presented on 2/24/10)
Reform Committee Preliminary Recommendations  - Guided by the Statement of Beliefs on Reform in New Haven, the Reform Committee has endeavored to develop a framework that will meaningfully reflect the different dimensions of student learning that influence long-term success. (1/21/10)
Student Learning Measures -
 preliminary ideas about alternate learning measurments (in addition to standardized tests) to be used in New Haven as part of the reform effort. (produced by the Reform Working Group and presented at the 1/11/10 board meeting)
Student Performance Categories
- suggested categories of student performance to be tracked and used to guage student success and as foundation of accountability system.  (produced by the Reform Working Group and presented at the 11/23/09 board meeting)
Reform Committees (list of committee members)
Reform Workplan (timeline and design matrix)

Contract with New Haven Federation of Teachers
     Appendix A - Turnaround Schools
     Appendix B - Amendment to Contract
To view the powerful set of common beliefs that allowed the BOE and NHFT to work together to reach the final contract agreement, read the  Statement of Joint Beliefs, which leaders drafted before entering into the negotiation process.