NEW HAVEN, CT (November 22, 2016) –-   On Tuesday, November 22, New Haven Public Schools employees discovered election-related vandalism, perpetrated at the Wilbur Cross High School Athletic Complex.

According to New Haven Police Department, the vandalism included spray-painted swastikas and references to Donald Trump on walls and equipment. The graffiti was not visible from the street. Once discovered, District officials took all the necessary steps to ensure the graffiti was removed in all locations and to maintain the safe and calm school climate. 

District officials are supporting the NHPD’s investigation of this instance of vandalism and are sending the attached letter home to parents, in light of recent events. 


Dear Parents,
Please be advised that the 2016-17 calendar date of November 10 that is listed as an early dismissal day was created in error due to a typo in the production of the calendar. November 10th, 2016 is not an early dismissal day and all schools’ schedules will proceed as regularly scheduled.
We apologize for this confusion and any inconvenience that this may have caused.
New Haven Public Schools

Apreciados Padres,
Deseamos informarles  que la fecha del 10 de noviembre en el calendario escolar 2016 – 2017 indica que ese día es de salida temprana,  es un error tipográfico en la producción del calendario. El 10 de noviembre, 2016  no es un día de salida temprana y se procederá según el horario regular en todas las escuelas.
Nos disculpamos por la confusión y las molestias que esto pueda haber causado.
Escuelas Públicas de New Haven


New Haven Public Schools is seeking proposals to support the design, planning, and implementation of “The Connecting Culture Project” (CCP).  At scale, the project would ensure ongoing exploration and learning about race and systemic racism, cultural competence, and other dimensions of the role of identity and identity interactions in the education process for students and adults.
Like other professional learning in New Haven, The Connecting Culture Project would ideally be practice-based, peer-led, and sustained.  The long term goal is for all educators in New Haven, including certified and uncertified staff, to understand bias of all kinds and become agents and champions for equity in the context of education and learning. With robust and intensive teacher and staff engagement, we expect to build and sustain culturally conscious classrooms in which students can feel understood, included and safe to fully express their unique identities.


October 17, 2016

Mercy A. Quaye
O: 475.220.1063
C. 203.721.3184

NEW HAVEN, CT (October 17, 2016) –-  New Haven Public Schools is set to host a communitywide focus group discussion to help inform the direction of the District and the Strategic Operating Plan. 
More than 20 New Haven Public Schools employees will assist is hosting and facilitating focus group conversations on October 22, from 9:30 AM- 11:30 AM to garner feedback on four specific areas: academic learning, resource stewardship, family and community, and portfolio of schools as outlined in School Change 2.0. 
"As a New Haven resident and parent of a New Haven student, I am keenly aware of the importance of community feedback when planning for the future of our district," offered Dr. Dolores Garcia Blocker, New Haven Public Schools Chief of Staff. "These kinds of events help us engage the community with the goal of informing our Strategic Operating Plan and ensuring the plan truly reflects the priorities of New Haven residents and supporters of this school district."
With four focus group discussions, more than 50 people are expected to join with the goal of collaboratively planning the future of New Haven Public Schools. Pre-registration is not required. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to Metropolitan Business Academy to register and join a group. Your support and participation are greatly appreciated.

Strategic Operating Plan Community Focus Group Discussion 

Metropolitan Business Academy
115 Water St.
New Haven, CT 06511

October 22, 2016
9:30 AM



October 14, 2016

Mercy A. Quaye
O: 475.220.1063
C. 203.721.3184

NEW HAVEN, CT (October 14, 2016) -- New Haven Public Schools is set to kick off this year’s American College Application Campaign,  national effort to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students pursuing a college degree or other higher education credential.  The goal of the campaign is to help high school seniors navigate the complex college admissions process and ensure they apply to at least one post-secondary institution. The effort occurs during the school day, with a focus on students who might not otherwise apply to college.  
The campaign kicks off on October 19th and will continue through December 15th with a series of events and workshop held at throughout New Haven high schools
The District has teamed up with New Haven Promise to promote the campaign and ensure that seniors are aware of their SSP goals for this school year. During the campaign, schools will host a number of workshops that will allow seniors the workspace to complete work on the various pieces of their college application process and motivate all students to work towards their desired post-secondary goals whether it's college admittance or beginning their careers
As a partner with the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Campaign, this year New Haven has selected all of the high schools that will align existing structures within their schools and the district to increase the number of first-generation and low-income New Haven students submitting college applications. 
In 2015, the New Haven Public Schools College Application Campaign served approximately thousands of students in 8 high schools. Approximately 2,600 college applications were submitted as a result. This year, all 9 New Haven High schools are participating with the hopes of increasing the number of applications submitted. 
The progress of the campaign will be tracked via 'Naviance', a comprehensive college and career readiness tool, used by New Haven public middle and high schools, that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.
“Last year, our students submitted just under 3,000 college applications and I am certain that number will increase this year,” said Dr. Chaka Felder-McEntire, District Lead School Counselor “Our school counseling departments have all been dedicated to this effort and have planned comprehensive events for all of our students to assist them with their search of post-secondary college and career opportunities.” 
On Wednesday, October 19, 2016, New Haven seniors will be participating in a series of awareness events and college application workshops with topics such as college essay writing, mock college interviews, and discussions with recent high school grads who now attend college.
The kickoff event on Wednesday will allow senior students the time to work and hopefully complete a number of aspects of their college application. Students will receive information geared towards their post-secondary interests and college application needs. 
American College Application Campaign Kickoff Assembly Event
Hillhouse High School 
480 Sherman Pkwy
New Haven, CT 06511
October 19, 2016
8:30 AM